Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping Equipment Review: Coleman 4D Quick Pump

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Small size; efficient; uses batteries
Cons: Noisy
The Bottom Line:
Convenient; Light weight
This pump is great for camping
Or for your house guests

Get Pumped for Coleman's 4D Quick Pump

In my family, it's not that unusual to find all of us have the same or extremely similar items.  It's partially a matter of taste, but it's also because if we have found something that works, we don't feel the need to find something else.  That's why I wasn't surprised that the year I asked for a pump for air mattresses for Christmas, I got the Coleman 4D Quick Pump

This is a battery operated pump.  It takes 4 D batteries.  Since I was looking for a pump to take tent camping, it was perfect.  The bottom comes off the base, the batteries go in, and the base fits back on with out a bit of struggle.  They even have diagrams there to show you which way the batteries are supposed to go, which I really appreciate.

In addition to the base unit, the pump comes with a nozzle.  Now, the nozzle doesn't get too narrow since it is designed to work with standard wide opening and Boston style valves.  You know, like the ones that are in all the Coleman brand air mattresses.  Anything you're trying to pump up with this will need to have a large opening for air to flow into, or it just won't work.  The nozzle twists onto the opening to inflate the mattress.  There is no locking on the deflate part of the mattress, but it does fit snuggly into that opening as well.

I've got no stats on how much air this thing actually pumps, but it's quite a bit.  I have standard twin size mattresses, and I can get them inflated or deflated in two minutes, tops.  This isn't the kind of pump you need to start while doing other things.  You can sit there and watch them fill.

Of course, that speed does come with a downside.  Boy is it loud!  You won't be making any friends if you use this late at night.  It makes a high pitched, whiney sound that isn't exactly pleasant.  You can live with it, but it's not the most pleasant sound.

The pump is roughly four inches cubed, so it doesn't take up that much room.  Most of the weight is the 4 D batteries.  This makes it easy to stash with your camping gear no matter how full your car is.

Ironically enough, I've found I use this pump more at home.  I pull it out a couple times a year when I or my roommates have guests over.  The pump hasn't failed us yet, and I've had it for several years.  It does come with a one year warrantee in case yours doesn't work right.

Someday, I will take my Coleman 4D Quick Pump camping and use it for what I originally wanted it for.  When that trip comes, I am confident that it will fulfill it's purpose efficiently.

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