Monday, May 20, 2013

Cookie Review: Tim Tam - Chocolate Creme

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great creamy chocolate taste
Cons: Pricey, not at all healthy
The Bottom Line
Creamy chocolate
A definite indulgence
Worthwhile, tasty splurge

Chocolate Creme Tim Tam - A Chocolaty Delight from Australia

Several years ago, an Australian friend introduced me to Tim Tam.  These cookies (or biscuits to them) are a popular specialty down under.  Pepperidge Farm seems to have decided to make three flavors available during the winter months here in America, and Chocolate Creme is a great choice for chocolate lovers.

For those who haven't been introduced to the goodness that is Tim Tam before, these are layers cookies.  The heart of the cookie are two wafer layers, both chocolate.  They are slightly harder than what we think of as a traditional wafer cookie, but that's the closest comparison.  In between the layers is a filling of some kind.  In this case, it's a creamy chocolate.  All of this is held together by, you guessed it, more chocolate.

While all three layers have a milk chocolate base, the middle layer in these cookies has a very creamy consistency and flavor.  It really does stand out.  Now, when I say cream, I am only talking about flavor; the center is solid enough that it doesn't run out of the cookie.  In fact, with only an occasional crumb and a little chocolate on the fingers, these really aren't very messy cookies.

But, oh that flavor.  While still tasting completely like chocolate, it is creamy enough to also taste unique.  There is nothing like it available in America.

These are an indulgence.  Only 11 cookies come in a package (and I'd still love to know how they settled on that very odd number).  Packages are in the $3 range, so they aren't cheap.

They also have plenty of calories.  According to the back of the package, two cookies have 190 calories, 90 of them from fat.  (And I've eaten three while writing this review.  You owe me big time!)  Of course, I generally don't look at this information.  When I sit down to eat some sweets, I know I am not eating something good for me.  I make my decision based on whether I want it or not and expect to face the consequences next time I step on a scale.

There are no real surprises in the ingredients.  It's primarily made up of sugar, flour, vegetable oils, milk powder, and various kinds of cocoa with lots of other things listed in the "less than 2%) category.  Again, there is nothing remotely healthy here, so don't pick them up expecting anything less.

But they taste so very, very good.  I'm thankful that Pepperidge Farm has made at least three flavors available at least for part of the year.  When I want to indulge in pure chocolate bliss, the Chocolate Creme Tim Tam are the ones I reach for.

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