Saturday, October 31, 2015

Weekly TV Thoughts for October 31st

Once Upon a Time – So, did Emma take away everyone’s memories with the Dreamcatchers?  Or did she just do it to Henry’s girlfriend?  And, while her actions weren’t good, she still had more purpose behind them then Cora did all those years ago.  So, what happened to Merlin?  Is he is Storybrooke or somewhere else?  Back in his tree?  I think we’ve definitely seen the beginning of Emma turning to the Dark One.  But what can turn her around?

The Big Bang Theory – Amy’s revelation at the end got me, and I was feeling uncomfortable for her as her friends were picking a date for her.  Sheldon arguing semantics with the guy selling the helium was great!  Those might have been the best scenes of the episode for me.

Supergirl – I was looking forward to this and prepared to love it.  After all, it’s the team behind Arrow and Flash, which you know I love.  Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was actually a little let down.  Part of it was dancing around her cousin.  Just say it was Superman, already!  I love Jimmy, I mean James Olsen.  And I can certainly see the potential of the show growing.  Heck, I like the fact that most of the cast already knows who she is, which is avoiding one cliché.  I’ll definitely stick around, and I suspect it will grow on me.  After all, not all pilots grab me.  There is definitely potential even if it didn’t grab me right away.  I shouldn’t be surprised with the casting of Kara’s adoptive parents, of course.  Look what they’ve done on The Flash.  But casting Clark of Lois and Clark and the movie’s Supergirl were wonderful touches.

Dancing with the Stars – There was some amazing dancing this week, but I’m with everyone that team Halloween was the top dance of the night by far.  I thought that “Once Upon a Dream” was an interesting choice for a Halloween episode, but it worked well.  I said last week that the eliminations were be hard from here on out, and I’m sorry to see Haynes go on a week he greatly improved.

The Muppets – I think I’m done.  The show just isn’t getting any funnier.  There are a couple of moments each episode that I enjoy, but they aren’t enough to keep me coming back any more.

The Flash – The previews kind of gave the main plot away.  We knew who the other half of Firestorm was going to be.  Still, a very solid episode getting us there, and the other stories are interesting.  Can’t wait to see next week with Wells.  And Iris’s Mom?  What a piece of work she is.

Agents of SHIELD – I was almost ready to check out before Jemma met Will.  That made the episode much more interesting.  When they rescue him, I wonder what that will do to the Jemma/Fitz relationship.  I do like that Fitz immediately started working on how to get him back.  He is a great guy, doing the right thing no matter what.

Arrow – Yes, I love the action on the show, but the quiet moments?  They were some of the best this season.  The scene between Oliver and Lance where Oliver confronts Lance was amazing.  Perfect writing and acting.  It was absolutely be logical for Lance to be the one in the grave now that they’ve set him up as a double agent.  Somehow, I don’t think it will be him.  It’s just too obvious a choice.

Survivor – My heart fell for the guy who had to leave, and I’m not even a parent.  Sorry to see Woo go, but how crazy is it to switch up the tribes again one week before the merge?  Knew it had to be coming soon since we are almost half way into the game.  Oh, and I still hate the food challenges.  Makes my stomach turn, and I wasn’t eating any of those things.

Heroes Reborn – Some very interesting twists to the story with this flashback.  So, why does Claire’s son not remember who he is?  And how might we have changed the future with the actions that have already happened?  I’m definitely anxious to see part two or this.  But how awkward was it not to see Claire once, even when dead?

The Amazing Race – Second time they are “still racing” this season?  Have we had non-elimination legs yet?  Are they doing these instead of non-elimination legs?  I was not happy to see the Green team fighting since I love them.  And can the photographers just go already?  Please?

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