Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

With two more series going, it's really starting to feel crazy trying to keep up with everything.  And I still have one more show to go in a couple of weeks.

Once Upon a Time – One thing I loved in the first season was the scenes between Emma and Regina.  They just crackled with tension.  I felt some of that same crackling tonight.  I love how the town is rallying around Regina, and how she is working so hard to embrace who she has become.  Still curious about what happened during those six weeks, obviously, and what the dagger being part of Excalibur means.  And if Emma could use that to defeat goodness, could Arthur use it to defeat darkness?

Big Bang Theory – That was their best episode of the season so far.  For one thing, they have worked out the plot issues of the cliffhanger (at least the one involving Leonard and Penny), so they can go back to just having fun.  Best moment was when Sheldon started singing.  Oh, the tag scene was pretty funny as well.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m actually kind of surprised that Gary went home.  Usually, someone like him lasts far too long into the season.  Nothing personal, but his dancing just isn’t there.

Castle – I gave the new show runners a chance.  I’m sorry, but this just isn’t working out.  They need to hit a major undo button on this Beckett/Castle split.  I don’t like angst.  I like fun.  Fortunately, Alexis’s many scene were wonderful.  They were the highlight of the episode.  I seriously hope she is around full time this season and doesn’t disappear after the first few episodes to pop up against occasionally like she’s done the last two years.

The Muppets – This episode was just kind of there.  I think the thing this show is missing is what made the Muppets unique.  They were quirky and punny and unlike anything else on TV.  Now, they are just another work place comedy.  Not bad, but not nearly as special as they deserve.

The Flash – Why must Henry leave town?  Why?  However, I loved the episode, including the fact that we got him out of prison.  I was very worried about that.  And why much Ronnie die?  It does explain why he isn’t in Legends of Tomorrow, but I’m still less than thrilled about that development as well.  Still, can’t wait for next week.

Agents of SHIELD – Glad we got Simmons back.  Melinda’s dad is a very smart man.  What can’t Skye, I mean Daisy, do?  And how much trouble is Melinda’s ex going to be in with a HYDRA plant in his class?

Scream Queens – It’s obvious they will be killing off the guest stars and saving the main cast for later in the season.  Now that I’ve said that, watch for them to kill off the kidnapped girl next week.  The scene in the trailer before the red devil showed up was decently creepy for a slasher film.  Decent, not full up stalker, but good for the show.  And why is the sorority president the weeping woman?  Who is she really and what does she know?

Survivor – What are they thinking keeping Abi around?  You are never in an alliance with her?  She will flop sides at the drop of a hat.  I guess I could see using her to get further in the game, but I’m really not sure I would trust her enough to do that.  I do feel sorry for that team since they had to recreate a camp while the other two teams didn’t.  I wonder if the one guy got the idol during the challenge.

Arrow – I think I liked this premier better than The Flash.  So many twists at the end.  Who dies this year?  Why is Lance working with the villain?  I’m guessing threats are involved, but I’m not sure about that.  And can Arrow (and the show) be lighter with this kind of stuff in the future?

Heroes Reborn – Much better episode this week, maybe because it felt like at least some of the stories were going some place.  Still can’t quite see how the duo from the artic are going to play in to anything at all.  And how exactly did they kill Clair?  For that matter, where is Sylar these days?  He’s been mentioned, but I’d love an update.

The Amazing Race – Despite the editing, no real drama in who would be eliminated this time around.  Sorry to see them go, but no real surprise.  They didn’t seem like they would make it very far if they had survived this week.

Girl Meets World – So, will they do more with the cheerleader thing?  Probably not, but it was still a fun and funny episode.  It’s next weekend’s trio of episodes that have me anxious to watch, however.

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