Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Let's just get right to it this week, shall we?

Once Upon a Time – Arthur not quite as noble as expected?  Didn’t see that coming.  But what is he really up to?  I’m sure it has something to do with the tip of Excalibur, aka the dagger.  And I’m beginning to wonder if Emma really cast the latest curse of not, too.  If not, who did?  And did she manipulate them into doing it for some reason?  So many questions swirling in my head right now.

Big Bang Theory – Why am I not surprised they aren’t changing the living situation at all?  I know the show’s dynamic would kind of fall apart if they did, but still, I’d kind of like to see something different there, at least for a few episodes.  Not that I didn’t laugh multiple times at the show.  And that show?  The melody was actually kind of catchy.  They just need to come up with someone who can write decent lyrics for it.

Dancing with the Stars – Some of those celebs did amazing this week.  The first perfect score of the season?  (Was the dance really that good?)  And with a switch up partner, too.  It will be interesting to see how all of them do when they go back to their original partners next week.  Oh, and next year I think I’m going to start voting at switch up time and see how Derek does with the worst female celeb left.  Yes, I do have a mean streak.

Castle – I enjoyed this episode more than last week’s.  And this is sort of working with Beckett being in the office and not in the field as much.  But I still don’t like the situation they’ve set up with this break up.  They need to get back together and soon.  Work on things together.  That’s what this show is really all about.

The Muppets – I love Statler and Waldorf, so I think my favorite part of the episode was that sub-plot involving Fozzie accidentally hurting Statler.  I found the rest of it fairly predictable and not really all that funny.  And the first part, I liked just because of the characters involved.

The Flash – Liked this one better than the premier last week.  The new police officer is going to be a fun character.  I like where they are putting Barry right now, and the multiple worlds is going to be fun.  I wonder what their Wells is like?  Of course, there is still the fact that after Eddie killed himself, all that Throne had done should have been erased, so Barry should have his mother and the real Wells from our world should be alive….  They need to address that at some point.  The final scene in our world?  Did not see that coming.

Agents of SHIELD – Why does Simmons need to go back?  That’s the big question on my mind.  The rest of it?  Still too many characters/stories to really get into anything.

Scream Queens – You never split up.  The guy was asking to be this episode’s victim.  So, we know the sorority supervisor was the woman in that house.  What is her role in all of this since obviously she’s not on the side of the good guys?  And who is it she wants killed next?  Theoretically, we could know who the two killers are (since we’ve seen two Red Devils at the same time), the guy from the second episode and her.  But why do I have a feeling there is actually some kind of twist involved?

Arrow – I’m glad we are finally hearing something about the effects of the Lazarus Pit on Thea.  They mentioned there would be some before she was resurrected, but there didn’t seem to be any afterwards.  And yet Laurel is still going to try to resurrect Sara.  (Yes, we knew it was coming for the spin-off, but still.)  I also agree that Green Arrow isn’t that different from Arrow, yet.  I’m sure they will start working on something to fix that now.  But Oliver as Mayor?  I’m with Felicity on that one.

Survivor – And why is Abi still there?  Okay, Jeff was the smarter choice since he’s injured and not doing much for the team.  But seriously, that woman is so paranoid and all over the map, why she gets so much respect/fear is beyond me.

Heroes Reborn – A couple more characters came together, and I feel like we have a bit more of an idea what the overall plan is.  That makes me happy.  I’m still wondering how a few of these pieces are going to come together in the end, however.

The Amazing Race – The Green Team survives the U-Turn!  I’m glad it wouldn’t have made any difference if someone had been U-Turned.  I hate it when the U-Turn is the last thing on the race.  Still don’t get why everyone is hating on the Green Team so much.  It will be interesting to see how the choices from this leg play out in the coming weeks, especially since the teams are still racing right now.

Girl Meets World – From the previews, I was expecting one thing, but it looks like they are giving us something else.  I still want to know why the rest of the kids are in Texas, other than we couldn’t have the show without it.  But I’m just dying to know what they are doing with the love triangle they’ve been building up.  I could see it coming all season, but I want to know how it will end.  I have a feeling the previews have been wrong all along having seen this episode, but I’ll have to tune in Saturday and Sunday nights to find out.

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