Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A couple shows missing this week with a couple more to go missing next week.  Interesting that it is happening already in the season for me.   I know there will be a big drop come December, but I wasn't expecting it before that.

Anyway, here's what I thought about this week's episodes.

Once Upon a Time – Guinevere is under a spell?  Lancelot is in prison?  With Merida?  What in the world is going on and how are they going to resolve all of this?  I love the scenes between Emma and Hook.  Hook really does love Emma.  And I loved how David and Mary Margaret were really working together all this time to find out if Arthur could be trusted or not.  It didn’t seem like David to go behind her back, but I bought it completely until the reveal at the end.  But with them under the spell now as well….  How exactly do we break that?

Girl Meets World (Sat & Sun) – I was on board with part 2, but part 3 really ruined this entire thing for me.  First of all, there is no real resolution, although at least Riley knows her feelings now.  I am certainly glad that everything is out in the open.  But how will they move on?  And please tell me there were some cut scenes because a few of those sequences felt like dream sequences (especially the one that started with Lucas and Riley in the widow) but they never called them as such.  It just felt weird to me.

Big Bang Theory – The plot with the fencing was kind of slow, but the laughs were wonderful.  I think that might be the best episode of the season so far in my eyes.  I especially loved the part where Barry was on the phone.

Dancing with the Stars – I’d heard of most of those dances even though I’d only seen a few of them.  Still, it was a great show with many strong performances.  Not sorry to see Paula go, but she’s the last easy loss.  From here on out, the eliminated couples are going to be hard to see go.

Castle – That was hard to watch mainly because of “The Nose.”  She wasn’t funny just awkward and a bit mean.  I was expecting some kind of twist with Kevin not passing the test.  I’m actually rather sad about that.  And yes, I’m still so over the breakup.

The Flash – They are working to make Captain Cold the good guy he’ll need to be for the spin-off.  I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.  Pretty good episode with some twists and I had forgotten that about Iris’s mother.  The chemistry between the characters is coming back, although we need more Joe/Barry scenes.

Agents of SHIELD – Really looking forward to seeing what happened to Jemma while she was away next week.  Did they really kill off May’s ex?  It looks like it, but we didn’t actually see his face, so it’s possible that they didn’t.  And who is that monster?  I would bet good money it’s someone we know.

Scream Queens – This is getting to be more and more about sex every week.  Or I’m just noticing it more and more.  If this keeps up, I’m not sure if I can last until the mystery is solved because I’m not going to care.  And yes, that is with three characters killed this week.  And they were characters we’d seen before, including one who had been in every episode.  They are just trying to prove me wrong, obviously.

Arrow – I think we are in for some rough water with Sara.  (Pun intended.)  I’d forgotten they’d moved the Arrow cave.  I wonder where Oliver is planning to move it this time.  What can we do for Thea and her need to kill?  I am thrilled to see Oliver and Diggle have worked out their issues.  Their bond is one of the things I love about the show.

Survivor – All girl alliance.  Augh!  I so want to see the men create one and stick with it some season.  You’d think they would by now.  So glad it wasn’t Kelly or Spencer.  I’m really rooting for Kelly to win this time, but I do like Spencer as well.  Oh, and when you have a strong alliance, you don’t go trying to change it or it comes back to bite you.  I knew that from watching past seasons.

Heroes Reborn – Two of the characters I thought were series regulars were killed off tonight.  Must admit I’m a bit surprised by that.  Glad we are going to get some answers about a year ago finally.  And it’s nice to see characters meeting up so stories can start moving forward.  I think the show is about to really take off, or at least I hope so.

The Amazing Race – I am so ready for the paparazzi team to go!!  Their behavior is driving me crazy.  If Team Texas is after the Green Team because they are a threat, that’s fine; it’s when it gets personal that I have issues.  And the challenges?  Hate heights, and the crocodiles were a bit much, too.  Not sure how I would have done on that leg.

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