Saturday, December 19, 2020

December 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Supermarket Sweep – I feel like neither team in the first round knew how to play the game.  I mean, seriously?  I was actually surprised the second team did as well as they did.  You run and you grab stuff.  The winners of that round did so well.  Then there’s the second round, where the winners really struggled.  I feel a little worry for them.

Card Sharks – The winner if the first round was pretty lucky all the way around.  And all the contestants were fairly conservative, no one made wild and crazy runs and had to go back very far.  Although the guy on the second round got pretty lucky with his 7-8-7 streak.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t so lucky in the money round, but at least he won something.

LA’s Finest – They actually had a case of the week that they wrapped up in a week.  I couldn’t believe it.  And considering all the time they are giving this drug bust, too.  I’m glad they at least wrapped up the storyline with the brother by letting us know no charges were going to be filed.  And that scene that opened the episode?  Definitely needed.  I’m not on his side yet.  Not sure if I will ever be, but certainly not right now.

Tell Me a Story – I feel like this was mainly about Tucker and his crazy flashback (which was definitely creepy) and Olivia and her meeting Maddie.  That’s going to be very bad going forward.  I can’t wait to see what happens.  I like the fact that Ashley Rose wants to start singing to be an inspiration to others, but I would agree she should take it a little easy until they catch her bomber.  I’m glad that Jackson is trying AA again.  Simone is going to be in so much trouble now.  Sadly, I suspect the real version of the trust is now gone.  I have a theory about what is happening in her family – and I bet it’s the nice brother really behind everything.

The Amazing Race – Well, that’s disappointing.  Of the three teams left, I was rooting for the Beards, then the Parents, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be the Boyfriends.  Just the opposite of how they finished.  And this was one of those legs where you really didn’t have time to catch up if you were behind.  They never once changed order after they got to the park.  Granted, the brothers really had issues early on so it was hard to overcome that no matter what.

B Positive – And that’s a wrap – at least for me.  Didn’t laugh once, and I felt like both of them were being completely immature and selfish.  When you aren’t rooting for any of the characters, it’s time to move on.

Star Trek: Discovery – Now that they have fully set up that they are in the mirror universe, I look forward to seeing how that progresses.  Not so happy about the security chief/love interest having PSTD.  And he didn’t really kill the doctor, did he?

Christmas Caroler Challenge – Yes, I figured out there is going to be another week to the challenge.  It’s fitting that it ends on Christmas Day this year, although I will have to watch it after Christmas.  It’s sad that they have eliminated my favorite groups now.  I can tell I’m not on the same page with the judges.  They praise the groups that I thought were okay and have critical comments for the groups I love.  Shows how subjective things like this can be.

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