Sunday, December 20, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Aladdin - Windows of Magic - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures Aladdin well
Cons: None for me
The Bottom Line:
Honor a street rat
With magical window pin
Simple but looks good

This Pin is Not a Diamond in the Rough

While Aladdin is considered a princess movie by Disney (and I understand why), it is unique in that it really focuses on the male main character.  So it is fitting that Aladdin was featured on the Window of Magic pin for the movie.

And featured he is.  Aladdin is front and center.  He’s smiling out of the window at us with his arms crossed.  He’s in he “street rat” vest and not his Prince Ali outfit.  Down at the very bottom is Abu.  Abu is surrounded by rubies, and he has rubies in his eyes.  Meanwhile, up at the very top the Genie is hiding in the moon like he does at the very end of the film.  At the top of the frame is a genie lamp, and the bottom corners have little bugs on them.  I suspect they are supposed to look like the bug that opened the Cave of Wonders, but they are a little too small to tell for sure.

Jafar’s matching Window of Evil was very unique for the series, but Aladdin is much more traditional.  I don’t mind because it looks great.  The faux stained-glass elements are perfect and it is easy to tell who we are looking at.

Of course, a few people we are missing pop into my head.  It would be fun to have Jasmine and Rajah here.  Or even the Magic Carpet could have made an appearance.  But what we do get is great.

I’ve always loved Aladdin, so I was pleased to see the movie honored with pins in this collection.  If you love the movie as well, you’ll be glad you added this pin to your collection.

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