Saturday, December 26, 2020

December 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Yes, I'm missing last night's finale for The Christmas Caroler Challenge.  I'll include that next week.  Both weeks are pretty slim pickings with Christmas and New Year's.  It's always like that this time of year.

Tell Me a Story – I know I said this last season, but I don’t see how they can wrap all of this up in one episode.  And everyone is in trouble!  I called which was the good and which was the bad twin.  I still didn’t expect the murder.  I knew the cop was a goner.  Never expected that Jackson’s sponsor was going to tie in with the Ashley Rose plot, however.  How are they going to realize she is still in danger?

Supermarket Sweep – I never really watched the original run of the show, so I don’t know how common it was for a three-way tie, but that was pretty impressive in the first round.  And it was close in the amounts they got in the sweep, too.  I don’t know that I would have kept going after barely finding the third item, so my hat is off to that team for pressing on, even if it didn’t work out.  The second round was close, but not quite tied.  Wasn’t surprised the bargain hunters made the final list, but I was disappointed they didn’t get to the third item in time.  I would have loved to see them go far.

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