Saturday, December 5, 2020

December 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 A little catch up at the beginning of the week, but just one show before we dive into this week's shows.

Amazing Race (11/25) – As I figured, this was more like a “you’re still racing leg” just without Phil there to give them that news.  And this is why the blondes shouldn’t have given in when pressured to use their yield last time.  This 5 team alliance has been so frustrating to watch because no on struggles with anything – they share everything.  It’s actually been rather boring.  I do feel for the blondes.  There was no point in ganging up on them.  They would have been going soon anyway with how many times they came in last.

Supermarket Sweep – Again, we had both extremes on this episode.  The very first game the team won it all.  But then the second game, the team didn’t wind up winning anything.  It’s almost like they plan it that way or something.

Card Sharks – I thought the second contestant in the first round might come back at one point, but she couldn’t pull it off.  Meanwhile, the second round was very close.  I was happy to see both of them manage to take home some pretty impressive amounts over all, too.

LA’s Finest – Did not see the brother turning himself in.  And I guess that Nancy and Patrick have made up.  That felt a little glossed over.  I’ve got to admit, I have a hard time tracking all of the various names of the bad guys, but I feel like we knew that ending cliffhanger before even if Sydney didn’t.  But what does it mean going forward?  Oh, and we did solve the diamond case finally.  Rather busy episode.

Disney Holiday Sing-Off – That was fun, but not quite as fun as the earlier ones this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas music (and I’ve got the collection to prove it), but I enjoyed the Disney song special more.  Maybe because I don’t have as much Disney music as Christmas music in my collection.  Anyway, both of the songs the Hough siblings did were by far the highlights.

The Weakest Link – That was a pretty amazing first round.  Of course, they fell apart in the second round.  They did a pretty good job of getting money overall with a pretty impressive total.  I just want to know if anything came of that flirting.

Tell Me a Story – Did not see that cliffhanger coming.  Seriously?  Why did she go back?  Obviously, she is darker than I expected.  I’m surprised they let the co-worker live last time, but I’m equally surprised he’s dead now.  I figured it he was alive, he’d be around for a bit more.  Who is after Ashley Rose?  That mystery just gets deeper.  And Simone’s safe, for now.  I doubt it will stay that way for very long.

The Amazing Race – Have I mentioned how I feel about when teams gang up on another team?  I was feeling it again with this episode.  Yes, the team the others really wanted gone is still there, but U turning a team that had already been there?  That’s just wrong.  I wonder how close it really was at the end, but it was certainly close enough that it was a good thing the U turn was used.  But singling them out?  That’s just poor form, even for a show like this that is a race.

B Positive – The characters have grown on me some.  I no longer find them annoying.  However, I still only find the comedy mildly amusing.  It’s not that it is trying too hard, it just really isn’t that funny.  Looks like it is taking a couple of weeks off, but we’ll see if I decide to come back when it does.  It might depend on what else is on the schedule by that point.

Star Trek: Discovery – I feel like it was a monumental episode and a pointless one.  Not sure what the point of the planet was.  It really felt like filler.  A little character development, sure, but at the expense of anything important to the plot.  Meanwhile, this is the second show this week to save a character in the last episode only to kill them off this week.  I was so sorry to see the admiral die.

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