Sunday, July 11, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Stitch Crashes The Lion King - Stitch Crashes Disney #3 - 2021 Release

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Little touches that I enjoy
Cons: Overall, Stitch looks weird
The Bottom Line:
Stitch in Africa
It’s still a weird looking pin
But touches I like

Be Prepared for Stitch to Land in Africa

The third entry in the Stitch Crashes Disney series was themed around The Lion King.  After the disappointment that was The Lady and the Tramp entry, this one looked a little better.  Not much, but a little.  I do wonder how I would feel if I had seen this one first.

This time around, Stitch is mostly yellow with green inside his ears and on his chest.  Again, it’s a weird color on him.  I get it, they are trying to capture the yellow of a lion and the green of vegetation, but still.  Stitch is sitting down, and he has his mouth open in a roar.  His eyes are big and round.  Neither of those help since it makes him look even weirder.

So let’s get to what is fun.  Stitch isn’t just two colors, but there are patterns to them.  The green portions have leave patterns in them if you look closely enough.  The yellow contains triangles and other patterns like that.  They look a bit more Egyptian to me than the savannahs I picture as the setting for The Lion King, but I still like them.  If you look closely, you can find Simba, Timon, and Pumba hidden in the pattern.  And what’s that on top of Stitch’s head?  I believe it is a grub or two.

The card the pin comes on captures the look of the Pride Lands from the movie.  We are seeing it at sun rise, and it looks beautiful.  Really, these cards are definitely part of the magic of this series.

Obviously, there are things I like about this pin.  It’s not as bad as the previous one, but it’s not as good as some of the others.  It’s the little touches that I do like that make this one a bit better.

This is a jumbo pin, so it’s over two inches in size, much bigger than the majority of Disney’s pins.  It helps explain the higher price point for the pins.

I was debating about collecting these Stitch Crashes Disney pins earlier in the year, but I’m glad I am.  Even the ones like this that don’t work like they should have something about them that I enjoy.

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