Monday, July 19, 2021

Ornament Review: Eleven Pipers Piping - 12 Days of Christmas #11 - 2021 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great looking piper
Cons: Greens might blend in with trees
The Bottom Line:
Piping piper pipes
Red and green eleventh piece
Series is still strong

That Sound You Hear?  It’s Another Great 12 Days of Christmas Ornament

I’m finding it hard to believe we are down to the final couple of ornaments in Hallmark’s current 12 Days of Christmas ornament series.  I’ve loved this series, and the Eleven Pipers Piping is no exception.

I’ve seen a variety of pipes in various pictures for the Eleven Pipers Piping over the years, but for this ornament, we have a bagpipe.   Now, I normally picture bagpipes being plaid, but this is a solid green.  In fact, there is no plaid anywhere on the ornament, but the ornament is predominantly red and green, from the green bagpipe to the red kilt the piper is wearing.  There’s even a green hat with a red fabric knot.  The result looks very Christmassy.

I do have to wonder how much the green will blend into a tree, but on the whole, I love how this ornament looks.  The series made a switch when we made it to the humans, and the ornaments are less creative now.  I find I miss some of how creativity that went into the birds, but I still find these ornaments to be so wonderful to look at.  They series still ties together thematically with the giant 11 on the bagpipe and the lines of the song on the kilt.

This ornament represents a first for the series.  For the first time, you could actually set the ornament out and have it balance on its own.  However, I don’t recommend you do that.  Why?  The piper’s feet are small, and it barely balances.  Any little bump or jiggle will make it fall over.

Just how small are the feet?  They are so small that the series marker wouldn’t fit on them.  However, it still isn’t too hard to find.  It was in the second place I looked for it.

Looking at the design of the ornament, it is no surprise that the ornament hangs straight.

One word about my review title.  No, this ornament doesn’t make any noise.  Like the rest of the series, it is completely silent.  But I loved it as a title when talking about this ornament.

This series has been so fun.  I love getting them out each year.  I’m thrilled I get to add Eleven Pipers Piping to the set this year.

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