Saturday, July 10, 2021

July 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Between sporting events and the 4th of July, this was a rather light TV week.

The Flash – We at least got a little bit of Iris.  Interesting storyline they have for her.  I’m wondering if they were writing around something and how much we will see her in the final two episodes of the season.  And so great to see Diggle again!  Glad they are going to follow up on his ending of Arrow.  I’m surprised they brought back Ultraviolet just to kill her off like that.  I’m guessing it will have to do with some changes for Allegra, but we shall see.  And I’m guessing we have a meta clone out with Joe, not that she knew about herself.

Lego Masters – Wow!  From first to next to last.  Quite the fall.  Not that I disagree with the judges on either of the teams that were in the bottom two.  I’m a little surprised about the whale and the squid being in second.  I felt there were others that were better, but maybe if I’d seen them in person I’d understand.  Definitely agree with the winning team.  That was an amazing build!

Loki – Not quite as monumental as the previous episode, but still pretty interesting.  I called where they were going to end the episode, however.  Now everyone is looking for the same thing, so we can all come together for a glorious climax next week.

Monsters at Work – Of all the Disney+ series, this was the one I was looking forward to the most.  Maybe it was my high expectations or something, but I struggled a bit with the first episode.  I did feel the second one was better, so maybe it will find its footing as it goes along.  I definitely intend to keep watching it.  Hope it gets a little funnier.

Card Sharks – Both games could have been closer than they appeared.  It took forever for anyone to get traction in that first game.  In the second, if she had frozen, it would have been close.  Couldn’t believe some of the luck the contestants had in the bonus game, but glad at least one of them won a decent amount of money.

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