Saturday, July 24, 2021

July 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

There was a lot of TV this week, including a season finale.  It's like everyone was trying to get in episodes before the Olympics.  They are definitely going to slow me down the next couple of weeks.  Fortunately, there won't be much TV competing with them.

Legends of Tomorrow – So now we are going to get an addiction storyline via Constantine.  Please tell me it will provide something new to that genre.  Still not a fan of the Mick is pregnant nonsense, and I’ve got no idea what is going on with that one alien.  Yes, this show is pretty much a mess this season.  That’s so disappointing.

American Ninja Warrior – Only three finishers all night.  Having said that, I like the split decision not being a real choice – balance or upper body.  Not surprised that Daniel Gill was one of the finishers and the fastest, but a bit surprised that he got hung up on the power tower.  That’s not like him.  But, as they said, that’s why you run the race.

Lego Masters – Not too surprised with the team that went home.  They’ve been a step below the rest of the teams.  Not saying that they were bad, just not as good.  Certainly, better than I’d do.  Loved so many of the demolition vehicles, and I had to laugh at the one team driving right off the cliff.  I also appreciate how close the teams are.  That everyone is tearing up at the elimination is so special in a competition show.  Nice to know I’m not the only one.

The Flash – That was quite the finale.  They threw just about everyone at Godspeed, which I knew they would.  Didn’t see that particular ending coming.  However, the biggest surprise to me was that Kristen saved Joe like she did.  I hope she is back next season.  I’d love to see how her powers can be used.  Loved the vow renewal.  It still wasn’t the big wedding fans deserve, but it does feel a little better than the original wedding that Oliver and Felicity crashed.  And I guess I was wrong about Bart.  The actor is going back to Broadway, so I guess he was just around for these episodes and not going to be full time next season.

Superman and Lois – Another week, another rave.  This show gets better and better.  The characters and their conflicts are flowing perfectly out of the story, and I am loving both.  I’m confused as to why Jordan and Sarah were arrested.  Trespassing?  Truancy?  Very curious what is going on with Edge now.  It will be a long wait until after the Olympics, but it will be a better wait than our last three week break was.

Monsters at Work – That was the best episode yet.  Yes, it was completely predictable.  But it was fun getting there.  I’m hoping the series will get better as it goes along.  And yes, I also think I’m older than the target audience, which is little kids, not the adult fans.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean I need to adjust my expectations a little.

Press Your Luck – That was quite the battle in the opening round.  Back and forth and all those extra spins.  And only three Whammys, only one of which was had by the two people battling it out at the end.  I really expected a Whammy to decide it.  Whammy made up for it in the bonus round.  Always sorry to see people leave with no bonus money.

Match Game – Sometimes, the prompts are so easy.  They had two lopsided games this time as if to prove my point.  Heck, even I came up with the winner responses when they matched.  And the others?  So hard.  I always enjoy it more when there isn’t an obvious answer all will get.

Holey Moley – Wow!  There were some pretty amazing shots.  From the put off that went in at the last second to the hole in one and neither competitor falling off their horse in the finals.  That was one very skilled group of players.

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