Saturday, July 31, 2021

July 31st's Weekly TV Thoughts

It doesn't look like I'm watching much since there are only two shows below.  However, I am watching as much of the Olympics as I can.  Honestly, it's nice not having much else on TV since I'm not sure when I would get it watched.

Monsters at Work – The best episode to date for me.  I hope they’ve ironed out that relationship/one note character now.  Pretty funny.  The ending was a bit abrupt, but still fun.  And I loved the “Knock Knock Joke” class at the end.

Match Game – That was a pretty uncomfortable episode.  I mean, they always have some jokes that are on the bounds of good taste, but they surpassed it a couple of times.  And, it’s rather funny to have an episode that premiers in July talking about Christmas.  Obviously, they aired it later than planned, but right around the official date for Christmas in July.

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