Saturday, July 17, 2021

July 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – I have really gotten frustrated with Behrad this season.  He feels like a one note one joke character.  I was actually enjoying him when he first started transforming.  I hope we see a little more of that.  I’m curious where they are going to go with the two Zaris, but I’m happy for Nate.  What is up with that twist at the end with Rory.  Sorry, not sure I’m going to enjoy that one at all.  Overall, this season just feels bizarre.  This isn’t the show I normally love at all.

American Ninja Warrior – It’s really heart warming to see the ninjas training with and becoming so close with the next generation of ninjas.  I doubt any are really ready to pass the torch, but those friendships are so heartwarming.  Not as heartwarming?  Some of the early exits.  Once again, the teens are amazing, and the father/son finishers were awesome.

The Flash – Now there are some of the stakes I’ve been missing recently.  Wow!  So much that could go wrong – is looking like it will go wrong.  I have no clue how they are going to get out of this.  And I’m loving New Nora (glad they clarified that for us) and Bart.  Too bad Nora won’t be sticking around.  I’m curious to see how Bart is going to wind up staying despite all those rules.  But I have to ask – with how old Jay already is, just how old was he when Godspeed killed him in front of Bart?

Superman & Lois – Wow!  I really didn’t expect an ending to anything so soon.  Oh, I know there’s more to come, but I am pleasantly surprised with what we’ve already gotten.  So many powerful moments with all the characters.  And the are amazing at bringing every second to full life for us.  I also really am loving what they are doing with the Cushing family right now.  And that water fight scene?  We needed it for their development and for a break for us.  Excellent episode as always.

Loki – That’s it?  Okay, so I get that a season often ends with a cliffhanger.  But I feel like we should have gotten some kind of resolution to something at the end of season one.  That was a good episode, but it didn’t resolve anything.  Just opened us up to more questions.  I’m going to have to think on this for a while to figure out what I think about it.

Monsters at Work – Easily the best episode to date.  Okay, so it helped that Mike and Sully’s subplot was pretty familiar.  I hope they tone Val down.  She is the most annoying part of the show and the thing that is keeping me from enjoying it the most.

Holey Moley – I liked the zoo keeper.  Sorry he lost there at the end.  That was quite a distractor they brought out.  Definitely was distracting to me, and I was just watching it on TV.  I can’t imagine trying to put with them there.

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