Saturday, July 3, 2021

July 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Legends of Tomorrow – Now THAT felt like a classic episode of the show.  So nice to see them working together as a team for the first time all season.  And on this planet.  I’m interested to see where they are going with Constantine.  And Nate.  Surely, living in the past with his relationship isn’t going to be good in the long run.

Batwoman – Apparently, they are going to leave Jake Kane is prison.  Sorry, but I don’t feel like he’s really guilty and deserves to be there.  That kind of disappoints me.  But what I really don’t get is writing Kate out of the show.  After everything they did to bring her back, I wanted to see the dynamic.  They could have kept Ryan as Batwoman and had Kate doing other things since she no longer had to be Batwoman.  It feels very much like a let down of the show.  Hope they wind up agreeing with me.

American Ninja Warrior – Another group of impressive runs.  Sorry Alyssa isn’t moving on this year, but it seemed like most of the veterans made it on.  And the teens continue to really impress.

The Flash – How awkward was it that Iris wasn’t in that episode.  Seriously, couldn’t they find any other way to write around her absence?  I was surprised by the reveal at the end that they aren’t pregnant yet since I’m expecting it to come by the end of the season.  I’ll be interesting to see where Frost’s relationship with Mark goes.  Although I’m in favor of him becoming a good guy.  Something about that name.

Loki – Now that was a great episode.  Action and it moved the story forward in a significant way.  I’m very curious now where they are going with things.  Hope the next couple of episodes are this strong to finish out the season.

Press Your Luck – That was quite the come from behind win in the initial rounds.  And then the bonus round was up and down and up and down.  I was happy she got a decent amount of money with that final spin since that was the only one that mattered, as it turned out.

Card Sharks – The second game was closer.  I also prefer the closer games than the run aways.  And wow, what a great pile of money that second winner won.

Holey Moley – Three new holes, and all three of them are winners as far as I am concerned.  After all, the purpose of the show is to see people fall in new and unusual ways.  Plus, mud runner that I am, I loved the mud in the first hole we saw.

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