Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ornament Review: Go, Dog. Go! - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures a well-loved picture book perfectly
Cons: Go, Cons.  Go!
The Bottom Line:
Remembered kids’ book
Ornament that makes me smile
Go get it!  Go now!

An Ornament That Had to Go on My Tree

I enjoy looking at the picture book ornaments that Hallmark produces every year, but I only buy the ones themed around books I loved from childhood.  That’s why I knew last year’s Go, Dog.  Go! ornament was going to go home with me as soon as I saw it.

This ornament is inspired by the easy reader book by P. D.Eastman.  The book is fairly simple and themed around dog of all kinds doing all kinds of things.  It was a book my entire family loved, and we will quote a few of the lines to this day.

The ornament features an open book.  Naturally, it is open to the page the book is named after.  That features a bird telling a line of dogs in cars they can go again because the light is green.  The bird has just finished crossing the street while they waited for him at a red light.  One of the dogs in a car and the streetlight are coming out of the page.  The back of the ornament features the covers of the book.

And it is perfect!  It hits that nostalgia that inspires a bunch of my Hallmark ornament purchases.  I smile looking at it thinking of the book.  Heck, it makes me want to go out and reread the book for the nostalgia of it.

The ornament is built so that it stands up pretty well on its own.  That’s just from the angle the book is opened since the car doesn’t touch any surface.  I’d be fairly confident setting this up in just about any area.

You might notice when you go to hang the ornament that it tips back and to the right ever so slightly.  But by the time you have it surrounded by tree branches you’ll never notice.  I sure didn’t this last year.

Not all of these picture book ornaments appeal to me, but when they do, they are just perfect.  Go, Dog.  Go! is going to make anyone who loves that book smile.

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