Saturday, April 23, 2022

April 23rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Weakest Link – I’ll admit, I wasn’t watching super closely, but I feel like the team banked as soon as they got a correct answer.  I did seem them try to build a chain once, but they lost the money after two correct answers, so it was the right strategy.  Still, they did manage to get a decent bank.  I hate it when they vote off the strongest player at the end, although I get why they do that.  And this episode proved I was wrong and someone who starts strong and end strong, too.

Moon Knight – What the what?  I don’t get what was going on that last 10 minutes or so.  I’m assuming it was all happening in his mind.  He’s dying or something, and this is his body trying to figure things out.  But it was so out of left field, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  Having said that, the last scene?  Definitely made me laugh out loud.

Survivor – I’m not sure I have that much to say.  It looks like we’ve got a couple of easy votes ahead of us, but we’ll see if the group stays strong or if it cracks early.  Interesting to see an all men’s alliance.  I feel like we rarely see that.  Not that all women’s alliances last more than a few episodes either.

Domino Masters – All three teams had issues with their topple tonight.  It is always hard to see that.  I agree with the judge’s decision, but I would have been okay if it had gone the other way, too.  It was definitely a hard decision with the teams being very close.

United States of Al – Still not completely happy with the Riley/Vanessa storyline.  At least Riley’s feeling guilty about it.  And what does it say about Vanessa that she doesn’t?  Al’s storyline was pretty funny.  I definitely like how it was resolved.

How We Roll – I’ve been expecting the wife to go out on her own at some point, and I’m sure that’s where that storyline is going.  It’s been obvious her job was a nightmare.  But I wasn’t expecting the mother-in-law to get her fired.  Loved that.  Honestly, that storyline was the one I enjoyed most.  The tournament?  Fairly predictable.

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  1. I don't watch any of these shows. I used to watch Survivor and The Weakest Link, but not any more. Glad you're enjoying them!


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