Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter Sunday's Sunday/Monday Posts

Happy Easter, everyone!  As I type this, it is still Saturday night, but I'm looking forward to my church's Easter Sunday service in a few hours.  And, hopefully, I'll get a good night's sleep before then, too.  I did not sleep well last night.  Not completely sure why, but I have actually been surprised at how well I've stayed awake today.  (But if you find anything randomly weird in this post, like the comma I just deleted in the previous sentence, please use that as my excuse.)

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I had some meeting fun at work this week - meeting being rescheduled.  But nothing that was too horrible, and nothing I wasn't ready for.  Other than that, it was a fine week at work.

Friday night, I ran the PowerPoint for my church's Good Friday service.  We just upgraded the program we use for that, so we have a few bugs to work out of the system, but overall, I felt it went well.

Today, I joined a couple of friends to try out for a grandmaster ultimate Frisbee team.  Essentially, it's a team for old people - you have to be over 38 to join the team.  It was a lot of driving, but since someone else drove, I didn't mind that part at all.  I had a lot of fun.  It reminded me why I fell in love with the sport in the first place.  I wish I had performed better.  I seemed to be responsible for more than my share of turnovers.  But that's nothing new.  I seem to do best at our pickup games here in town.  None of this is a surprise to me.  I figure my chances of making the team are extremely slim.  And the tournaments the team is planning to play with are weekends I'm not sure I'm available.  But I don't regret going at all.  Why?  Because I had fun.

I think that's my week.  Shall we get to bookish things?

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Book Haul for the Week:

After last week, I was good.  I only got two books, a physical book and an ARC from NetGalley.  I picked up Up to No Gouda, the first in the Grilled Cheese Mysteries by Linda Reilly.  Yes, I've been talking about a Cheese Shop series the last couple of weeks, and not I've got this one, too.

Meanwhile, I also got the eARC for The Tuesday Night Survivors' Club by Lynn Cahoon.  She's a popular and prolific cozy mystery writer, but I haven't read any of her books yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of it.

What I'm Currently Reading:

Yes, I tend to read cozies, but I occasionally step away from that.  Like now.  I'm actually reading Dark Horse, a thriller from Gregg Hurwitz.  It's the seventh and latest in his Orphan X series, which I usually enjoy.  I'm afraid this one is going to take a pretty dark turn, however.  We'll see what I think as I get further into it.  I started it Friday, but I got barely anything read on Saturday thanks to being gone almost all day.  And I had fun; I regret absolutely nothing.  We'll see how much I read on Sunday.  I'm hoping to finish it up by Tuesday, but we'll see if that turns out to be realistic or not.  It's also a longer book than I typically read, so I need to allow longer to enjoy it.  I'm fine since I'm ahead of schedule.  I plan to review this book on April 29th, so I've got plenty of time before then to finish it and write the review.

I think I'm rambling at this point, so that must mean it is time to sign off.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Happy Easter. We had a Stations of the Cross at our church on Friday but I forgot to go! Gulp! Happy Easter. My Sunday Salon Post - Easter!

  2. A happy and blessed Easter Sunday to you and your family, Mark ✝🌈❤

  3. Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    The Gregg Hurwitz book loos good, and I've heard good things about his books in general. I've only read his YA debut a few years ago but it was solid.

  4. I used to read the Gregg Horowitz series but only got through 3 of them. They can be rather dark. I'm glad you got to play ultimate frisbee, coming from someone who could never figure out how to throw it properly. Enjoy your Easter.

  5. Hope you have a great weekend.

    The books look good!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog

  6. I'm glad you had fun at ultimate Frisbee. That must be a popular thing around here because I see big groups of people playing in random fields. :)

  7. Happy Easter! Sounds like you had fun with frisbee.

  8. Happy Easter!Frisbee was never something I could really do but it is fun to try. :)
    Have a great week, Mark! Happy Reading.

  9. Happy Easter!

    I loved Up to No Gouda. I, also, have the Lynn Cahoon ARC. She's one of my favorites.

    Hope you have a great week!

  10. Fun being the key. :-)

    I hate driving but only because I've had mostly unreliable cars so I'm worried they will break down every time I drive off. But if someone else is driving I love to go everywhere.

    I love that you're a guy frisbee playing accountant who loves disney stuff and cozies!!!

    Happy Easter!

  11. I love cheese, so Up To No Gouda looks like fun. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  12. Love the title of Up to No Gouda, lol! I read a book called Gouda Friends last month I think! Happy Easter!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  13. I tend to go from one end of the spectrum to the other as well, I love some cozies, but also good psychological/murdery thrillers. Have you ever read the Mercy Watts cozy series? It's not nearly as cozy as some, and her adventures are almost always entertaining.

  14. Happy Easter. I'm so glad you still had fun at the time out. It sounds like fun. And having fun is the most important thing about it right?
    Your current book looks and sounds great.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  15. Happy Easter. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. My husband goes to meetings to plan
    I love murder mysteries and thrillers, but also cozy mysteries with or without paranormal elements. My taste tends to be eclectic and I jump from genre to genre or go through phases.

  16. Happy Easter! I'm glad you had fun. A change of pace can be great. I loved Dark Horse but I'm really worried about what is next for Evan.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  17. Up to No Gouda sounds fabulous. I should have gotten that cheese series to read while I'm over here in France.

    I'm glad you had fun with the ultimate Frisbee team tryouts. So what if you don't make the team if it was fun!

  18. Happy Easter! My husband is the guy who runs the video feed for our church (via zoom...something that came out of the pandemic) and there are always kinks to iron out. Gotta love technology! - Melinda @ A Web of Stories

  19. Happy Easter! Glad the Power point went well. New software is always a bit tricky. Up to No Gouda looks amazing and I have a copy of the Lynn Cahoon book and am so excited! Have a wonderful week!

  20. Yay to having fun! And to reading something different!

    Have a great week.

  21. I've only read the first in the Orphan X series but do plan to go on with the series someday. I'm glad you had a fun Saturday. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  22. Happy Easter. Hope it's another good week for you.


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