Saturday, April 9, 2022

April 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Weakest Link (4/3) – I was impressed with some of their totals.  And, twice (I think it was only twice) they had a long enough chain to get the top prize if they hadn’t banked.  I think that’s the largest prize I’ve seen.  I was a bit surprised Jaya did so poorly at the end.  Seemed like she peaked too early.

The Weakest Link (4/4) – Still a respectable total, but a bit more down to normal.  High side of normal, but still.  I am so disappointed that Emmanuel won, however.  He should have been the second to go after his ignorant comments about women who choose to stay home.

Moon Knight – I’m a bit more confused about how all of this works.  Is Marc real?  Stephen?  How long has Stephen been out if Marc done all these other things, including getting married?  Or am I thinking about this too logically and just need to go with the flow?  I enjoyed the big fight scene against the invisible foe.  Very well done.  Despite all my questions, I am intrigue by it.

The Flash – I’d forgotten that Ronnie was coming back, so that ending completely took me by surprise.  Obviously, that first attempt to trap the fire wasn’t going to work – way too early in the episode.  But I did like where they went with it from a character building position.  And what in the world is going on with Iris?  I assume we will get that mom back when this is over, but yikes!

Survivor – Sorry to see Daniel go.  I liked him.  And I can’t believe people didn’t see the difference between swimming like he was doing in the episode and swimming in the rough seas of the challenges.

Domino Masters – The teams made it easy to see who was going to go home again, but those were all impressive builds.  I’m glad only one team went home, and even then it was hard to see them go.  The stuff they can do I never would have thought of with Dominos is extremely impressive.

How We Roll – Not really getting much better.  This was amusing at best.  But, considering I used to say that about United States of Al, I’m willing to keep watching this one for a bit.  It’s not like Thursdays are super crowded.

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