Saturday, April 2, 2022

April 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

As I've mentioned, I was on vacation last week, which is why I didn't have any Weekly TV Thoughts for you last Saturday.  But I'm back this week, and I've been working hard to catch up on the shows.  I've got everything for the last two weeks here, including a couple of Thursday shows this week - one that hasn't been on for a couple of weeks and a new show that premiered this week.  Plus there was Moon Knight on Disney+ this week.  (Seriously, these networks need to check me before they set their schedules.)

The Weakest Link (3/20) – It’s always hard to judge how people are really doing.  I know that I will get questions right that seem obvious to me, but then there will be so many that I have no idea.  Seemed like this group was a bank happy group, but since they never seemed to get more than a question right in a row, I can certainly understand that impulse.

Step Into the Movies with Julianne and Derek Hough (3/20) – As soon as I saw this listed, I knew I had to watch it.  As expected, their dancing was mesmerizing.  I didn’t always appreciate the songs or styles, but it was still enjoyable to watch.

Superman & Lois (3/22) – I’d kind of forgotten about Natalie and John Henry.  Nice to see them again.  But with everything else doing on, it is kind of easy to forget about characters we haven’t seen in a few weeks.  Why do I feel like something is off with Natalie and not John Henry like they were trying to make us think at the beginning?  Meanwhile, I figured Lucy wasn’t one of the ones who had gone, and I didn’t think she’d really changed yet, the deal with Allie was over.  It was too easy.  But I did not see that cliffhanger coming.

Naomi (3/22) – I feel like the story is barely moving forward.  And the sub-plots are fine, but they aren’t as great as the show could be.  I’ll stick out the season, but it isn’t working as well for me as I thought it might after the first couple of episodes.

The Flash (3/23) – I was kind of surprised they didn’t find the real killer.  I was expecting that, not for it to be part of a larger arc.  I like how they tied it into Barry’s past with his dad, although I didn’t see what we were supposed to see on the calendar.  (And no, I didn’t pause it to look.)  I already didn’t like that reporter, but that last scene?  If I spoke to a supervisor that way, I’d be fired.  And Iris has put Allegra in a no win situation.  Everyone is at fault right now.

Survivor (3/23) – That was a crazy tribal.  Too few people voting.  Too many different decisions, people wanting to be in charge.  And any hidden anything is definitely out in the open now.  They may have gone that long without voting anyone out, but I don’t see them healing and being united any time soon.

Domino Masters (3/23) – That’s the most issues we’ve seen yet.  There were multiple topples early, and a couple that had issues when they were supposed to topple.  Still, it was an impressive night with teams I liked.  The winners were the ones I had picked out, but again, all four teams were talented.

The Weakest Link (3/27) – For someone who studied random trivia, Sean didn’t seem to do so well.  Not that I knew the answers to many of the questions he missed.  It was nice to see such a game show fan win.

Superman & Lois (3/29) – Seriously, that can’t leave us there for a month!  Considering Superman was hardly in it, that was still a great episode.  Of course, it helps that they had so many storylines going on.  It was nice to see them paying off things we’d been following all season.  I love how this show doesn’t drag everything out until the season finale.  But it’s going to be a long month.

Naomi (3/29) – What?  I did not see that ending coming at all.  How is this going to change things going forward?  Other than Naomi not being trusting of her parents.  Yes, I did love all the references to Christie.  And the other characters are right.  You can’t preach about trust and trying to get others to spill secrets to you if you are still keeping secrets from them.

Moon Knight (3/30) – Everything I’d heard said that this show was going to be strange, and the first episode certainly lived up to it.  I’m glad I already knew at least some of what was going on, otherwise, I think I would have been frustrated.  As it is, I’m intrigued.  Dark, but enjoyable.  I hope the rest of the show doesn’t disappoint.

The Flash (3/30) – Iris is sick again.  Where are they going with it this time?  And this new villain is weird, leading to the ultimate in weird episodes.  It was a great way to explain what it is, but the episode itself?  Very strange.

Survivor (3/30) – Things sure changed after the challenge.  They are gunning for one person, and then it suddenly switched completely.  People sure are using the shot in the dark challenge this season.  All but one person tried it.  Not that it’s worked for anyone yet.

Domino Masters (3/30) – As I’ve been saying all along, the judges picked the teams I would have picked, too.  It’s fairly easy when one team has technical difficulties to know they aren’t going to continue.  Having said that, I enjoyed all four team’s builds again.  And I appreciate how the judges offer compliments and constructive feedback to everyone.  As with Lego Masters, this is a competition, but it’s a friendly competition, which I appreciate.

United States of Al (3/31) – They seem to be really going for the sex related storylines right now.  Glad Al came to his senses, but can we do something else for a while now?

How We Roll (3/31) – I didn’t laugh at the episode, but it was set up.  I get it.  They had a lot of ground to cover.  And I did like the ground they covered.  The way they set things up was great.  And neither of the main characters ever came across as the villain.  I’ll give it a couple of weeks to see if it grows on me any more.

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