Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ornament Review: Mexico - Doorways Around the World #2 - 2008 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Details create a Mexican Christmas come alive
Cons: None, really
The Bottom Line:
South of the Border
For this festive ornament
Rich in the details

Have a Feliz Navidad with Our Neighbor to the South

For the second entry in Hallmark's Doorways Around the World ornament series, they decided to go visit Mexico.  As it turns out, this is the only stop not in Europe, and that gives it a very distinctive feel.

The ornament does have the normal third breakdown the others in the series do.  One third of the ornament represents the outside of the house.  Actually, it may be more of a quarter this time.  This ornament is the only one in the series to have the "outside" part of the ornament be a semi-circle.  It is made to look like a stone front step, and really works well.  There is a lantern hanging by the front door.  The door itself is made from wood painted green and has a straw sun hanging on it.  As usual, the door is slightly ajar, inviting us inside.

When you turn the ornament around, you'll find the inside is festively decorated.  On the floor instead of a tree is a poinsettia plant.  Since Mexico gives gifts on the night that the wise men gave their gifts to Jesus, there is a nativity scene featuring the three wise me.  And above the door is a row of flags that are a symbol of hospitality.  There's even a tea pot on the shelf above the door.

My first reaction when I looked at this ornament was all that positive.  But the more I saw the details, the more I liked it.  The abundance of reds and greens really helps make it festive.  But I also like the Mexican feel.  It really does capture that country for me, and I like the idea of having it on my tree.  Plus the details are amazing.  You can see the wood grain on the door and the inside floor.

The base is big and level, so it would sit out quite nicely.  And the bottom has the copyright and series information on it.  It is raised in the bottom, so you also see it if the light hits it just right.  That way, if you hang this on the top of your tree, you won't always notice it.

Speaking of hanging it, there is a brass hook located near the very top of the doorway.  Not surprisingly, the ornament tips slightly to the "inside" part of the ornament; you know the two thirds with the majority of the items sitting on it.  It's heavy enough you'd want to find a sturdy branch for it, but it's not so heavy I'd worry about it breaking anything but the flimsiest of branches.

Once again, it is the details that make this Doorways Around the World ornament.  You'll be thrilled to put a little bit of Mexico on your Christmas tree.

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