Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toy Review: Lego Indiana Jones Keychain

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Small comfortable representation of Lego Indiana Jones
Cons: Would love to see a whip
The Bottom Line:
Your keys in danger?
Indy's ready for action
Adds some fun for all

Are Your Keys Bored?  Give Them Adventure with the Lego Indiana Jones Keychain

At Thanksgiving, I spotted the Lego Indiana Jones Keychain my sister-in-law had.  I was right in the middle of my addiction to the video game version of Lego Indiana Jones, and I wanted one.  You'll never guess what I got for Christmas.  And I love it!

This is classic Indiana Jones as he looks at least once in all the movies.  He's wearing a fedora hat.  He's got a couple days worth of stubble on his cheeks.  He's wearing a tan shirt and pants, but he's got a brown leather jacket over the rumpled shirt.  He's only a couple of inches tall, so it makes is really incredible that they've managed to get so much detail on the figure.

Indy is quite obvious made out of Legos.  However, instead of coming apart like normal Legos do, the pieces are stuck together.  His head doesn't even turn.  However, his arms and legs do still move.  Heck, I've been known to play with them while I am waiting for something for a few minutes.

There is one accessory on the figure, a bag.  It's not attached or painted on like everything else is.  However, it can't come off because Indy's hat is too wide for the opening.  It will slide around some, however.  And it also causes Indy's left hand to not go flush with his side.

I thought this might be a problem when I stuck it in my pocket, but it hasn't been.  I've had it one my keys for a month now, and I haven't been stuck by any piece of the figure yet.

Out the top of the hat is the metal chain leading to the ring to either hold keys or attach it to a larger key ring.  It's the normal spiral attachment for a key ring in design, but the ring itself is flatter and harder to separate enough to slip something through.  I've just added it to my existing keychain, and that was hard enough.  I think if I were trying to add keys to this, I'd get frustrated by the effort it takes to open the ring enough to slide something on.  Then again, you know stuff isn't going to work its way off any time soon.

The one thing Indy is missing here is his whip.  It's not painted on anywhere like his gun is.  And it's not sticking out of his bag, which is closed.  I get the fact that this is a small figure and anything more might have made it uncomfortable to put in a pocket, but I really do miss that detail.

 However, I'm not complaining overall.  I love my Lego Indiana Jones Keychain.  Heck, I've made some friends jealous with it.  It adds some much needed fun to my keys.

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