Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Disney Wireless Band Review: Minnie Mouse on Keyboard - 2013 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great songs and fun interaction
Cons: Moves quite a bit depending on what surface you place her on.
The Bottom Line:
Disney band begins
As Minnie rocks her keyboard
And plays two great songs

Minnie Starts Things Off With Her Fun Keyboard

I’ve enjoyed my Peanuts Wireless Band from Hallmark the last two years.  I didn’t need a new one.  And yet I couldn’t resist when I saw they were doing a Disney Wireless Band in 2013.  The band started off with Minnie Mouse, and I snatched her up as soon as she came out.

Like all the members of this band, Minnie is on a base that is a silver wrapped package with a bow out front.  This adds a great festive touch.  She is the only member of the band sitting down, but that makes sense because she is playing a keyboard.  When you push the button hiding under her feet, she tips side to side as she plays.

Each member of the band starts off two songs, and Minnie’s are "Jolly Old Saint Nick" and "Twelve Days of Christmas."  Don't worry, they last about twenty seconds each, you don't have all 12 verses of that second song.    They sound great with a hint of jazz and rock in there.  I especially like "Twelve Days" which starts on day seven or so and just does that one verse.

But the joy of the band is that each of the five members interacts.  If you have them all on and within range of each other, they pick up the wireless signals and play together.  Minnie’s jazzy piano is in the background on the other eight songs with the occasional flare where she gets to shine.  It’s a fun feature that makes this band so special.

Each member of the band requires 3 AAA batteries to operate.  My first batch has lasted me through this December, but the more you play with them, the faster they’ll wear out.  There is an option to have the songs start playing automatically as background music, which will really wear them out.

And a word of warning, Minnie really gets into her playing and will make the piece scoot as she rocks back and forth.  When I first brought her home, I set her on a table, and she was moving across it toward the edge.  Now, I have her under my Christmas tree, and she stays put.  Just think about that as you place her and make sure she is secure.

The Disney Wireless Band is a blast, and I’ve really been enjoying them this year.  They are in limited supply at this point, but if you can track down Minnie Mouse, you’ll enjoy her keyboard playing.

Original Price: $29.95 or $15.95 with purchase

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