Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TV Recap - Agents of SHIELD 1-10 - The Bridge

Well, that was an ending.  And I was certainly right that Centipede is our Big Bad of this season of SHIELD.  Now, we just need to figure out what it could all mean.

The episode starts in a prison as three men break in to get one man out.  Those three men?  They are the super soldiers that Centipede has been working to build.  They've got three stable ones, but they need lots of time to recharge, and the man who they broke out of prison might be able to help with that.

Our team is stuck on tracking them since Centipede is changing locations every three days.  But they get a break since they are able to identify one of the men involved in the breakout.  They trick his sister into calling him and pin point his location in Oakland.

Meanwhile, they've brought in Mike Peterson, the super guy from the pilot, as their super back up.  He's stable and doesn't even require the constant recharging the other soldiers do.  He's been constantly training in hopes he can get a chance to redeem himself.  And his son is still with his sister - they haven't seen each other since the events of the pilot.

Naturally, Ward and May are uncomfortable with Mike being on board, but they deal with it.  And when they go in to the warehouse in Oakland, he saves them from the three super soldiers left in the otherwise empty room.  When one of the soldiers gets pinned down, he starts talking to someone, pleading not to be killed, but they kill him anyway.

Our team recognizes that right away as the same technology that the former agent was working under a few episodes again - only it's been upgraded and they can't track it this time.  In fact, they are marveling at the way they can increase their technology so quickly.  Someone is financing them - could it be the person code named "The Psychic?"

Unfortunately, Centipede left a camera behind, and they recognize Mike.  After Coulson talks Mike into connecting with his son, Mike puts in a call only to find the woman with the flower dress on the other end.  Mike's son will be held hostage until Mike does what they want.

While everyone is offering to go in with backup for Mike, he insists they do it the correct way - his son is at stake.  Only Coulson is to go with him for the exchange.

And that's because Coulson is the actual target.  We thought it was Mike since he was a stable super soldier, but they want to know about Coulson's death and resurrection.  Mike is in tears, but Coulson tells him that he understands.  As Coulson is lead away, Mike gets his son back and they walk away.

But it's not over.  Leaving his son with Skye, Mike rushes back to try to save Coulson only to have things on the bridge start exploding.  It sure looked like Mike couldn't have survived the explosion, although we don't know for sure.  As a second explosion goes off in the car where we last saw Coulson, a helicopter rises from below the bridge where the exchange took place.  We see that Coulson is in it.  But how will the team get him back?  For that matter, they don't even know for sure he's on it, although I'm sure they expect it to be true.

Meanwhile, Skye is searching slow and steady for any clue about her parents.  Coulson tells Skye that May is helping him search through the restricted files, which neither of the women are happy about.  When Skye tries to get some help from May, May shuts her down.  And on a second encounter between them, May tells Skye she needs to focus on the team and what they are doing and forget her personal quest.  That leaves Skye in tears, which Coulson overhears but does nothing about before his kidnapping.

I was wondering when the winter finale was going to happen for this show, and we've got a four week break before we find out what happens next - hence the cliffhanger.  I'm very curious why Centipede is interested in Coulson's death.  What's in it for the super soldiers?  I have a feeling that Mike is dead, but I sure hope not.  How will we save the day?  That's what I really want to know.

Any thoughts or theories on what comes next?  Hit me up in the comments.

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