Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly TV Thoughts Two Days Late

I was still trying to catch up on some after Christmas TV this weekend, but here's my thoughts on what little new I watched this week.

The Sing-Off – I knew Home Free was going to win by the end of the first week.  They were clearly the judges’s favorite.  Not that they don’t deserve to win because they are amazingly talented.  There was some fun stuff in the two hours, but overall, it was too long.  Really, these reality shows need to figure out how to end things faster.

Nikita – I’ve got both of the final two episodes watched now.  I wish they hadn’t killed off Ryan, but it really did drive the final episode story, so from that standpoint, he didn’t die in vain.  I saw the twist coming in the final episode before the reveal, but I still loved how it unfolded.  And the ultimate ending for Amanda was very satisfying because it shows just how Nikita has grown.  All told, I was very satisfied with how it wrapped up.

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