Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekly TV Thoughts - December 14th

I can remember when we had very little TV in December.  Now we've got all kinds of winter finales.  Yikes, it's been a busy week.

The Amazing Race – The right team won!  My family was completely rooting for Jason and Amy after the doctors started falling apart.  He was just too mean to her.  And, of course, the other two teams weren’t that great at all.  Alaska looked beautiful.  Cold, but beautiful.

Survivor – Well, the alliance of 3 held.  I don’t necessarily hate anyone over there, but I do like to root for the underdog.  I don’t think whoever gets back in the game will last long Sunday night.

Arrow – Pretty trippy flashbacks, and I was glad to see Tommy again even if it wasn't real.  I liked Barry a bit more this time around, and it will be interesting to see him again in the spring.  I missed the fact that he was always late.  That's interesting for the Flash.  Oh, and the reveal at the end?  That's going to make the rest of the season very interesting.

Melissa & Joey – Didn't follow up on the cliffhanger from the summer season, but it was a good episode.  I saw some of the stuff coming, but it was still funny watching Melissa react to things that the kids already knew, especially after she'd tried to pull the wool over Joe's eyes.

The Big Bang Theory – They might be overstating Sheldon's role a bit, but it was fun to see the characters in alternative realities, and some of them were pretty accurate.  I only saw one ornament I own on the tree they were decorating.  Of course, I only saw one Star Wars ornament.  The others I recognized were Star Trek.

The Crazy Ones – Ashley Tisdale sure does play a great spoiled girl.  Makes you wonder what she's like in real life?  That relationship with the supporting characters sure was funny.

The Michael J. Fox Show – What was Mike thinking with the necklace?  Obviously, he wasn't thinking.  Of course, we wouldn't have had a plot if he had thought it through, and it made for some great moments.  Santa showing up was expected but still fun as well.

White Collar – I like Rebecca.  I'm glad Neal came clean with her, but I'm not sure I buy her reaction.  While I'm enjoying the character interactions more, the case of the week seems pretty shallow this season.

The Sing Off – It's so nice to have this show back, although 5 hours in a week this full was a bit much.  These groups are so good.  I'm okay with how has left so far, but I really wish none of them had to go.

Nikita – Nikita is now cleared, which is nice.  But we've got two weeks for a final show down between her and Amanda.  And please tell me that was the last clone/double we'll see.

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