Saturday, December 7, 2013

TV Recap: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1-7 - Bad Blood

Last night confirmed something we’d been suspecting for a few weeks now.  And Jafar put the pressure on Alice once again.  So shall we get to it?

The flashback featured a young Jafar.  As his mother dies, she reveals that Jafar’s true father is the Sultan.  So, Jafar sets out and gets himself arrested so he can meet the Sultan.  As the man realizes who Jafar truly is, he agrees to let Jafar stay in the palace, but as a servant.  He makes it very clear he already has a son and will not acknowledge Jafar as such.  But when servant boy Jafar slips up in front of some guests, the heir slaps Jafar around and the Sultan tries to drown Jafar that night only he doesn’t hold him under the water long enough and an unconscious Jafar comes to in the refuge heap.

Flash forward a few years, and an adult Jafar returns to the palace still looking for the Sultan to acknowledge him.  And in the years, the Sultan has turned into the man in the cage.  Anyway, he still refuses to give Jafar anything, so Jafar kills his half-brother and takes the Sultan captive.

Meanwhile, Alice is having her own father issues in present day Wonderland.  While closing in on Jafar’s fortress, she is surprised to find her father.  She expresses some of her hurt over how he’s treated her, and he apologizes.  In fact, they seem to be getting along better.

But what we know and Alice and Knave don’t is that this is really Jafar in disguise as Alice’s father.  But Jafar gives himself away as Alice serves him some dinner – he doesn’t pray before his food like Alice’s dad always does.

As Alice and Knave try to get away, Jafar returns to his normal form and fetches Alice’s real dad from the dungeon.  Despite her promise to not give in to anything else she sees, seeing Jafar on the magic carpet about to push her father off stops her.  And when her dad starts saying exactly what she truly wants to hear, she pauses further.  Her dad apologizes for not being there after Alice’s mother died, for not believing her stories, and for pushing her away when she returned last time.  As Alice’s father mentions that Cyrus has escaped, Jafar pushes him off the carpet.  That’s too much for Alice, and she wishes her father home.  That satisfies Jafar, who was just trying to get Alice to use another wish.

Alice is happy for what she heard from her dad, but Knave points out that magic and wishes have consequences.  And sure enough we see him back at home, and he thinks everything he had seen is a dream, or at least that’s how he passed it off to his wife.  Who knows how he will react if he truly sees Alice again.

The Red Queen only got one scene, and it involved her search for Cyrus.  Jafar shows up and this is where he learns the truth.  But Cyrus is nowhere to be seen after his jump off the cliff.  We finally do see him at the end of the episode lying on a sandy beach.  The jump knocked him out, but he’s still alive.

Jafar also had a scene where he confronted his dad back in the dungeon.  Jafar is still waiting for the Sultan to acknowledge him, something that is not going to happen.  The Sultan attempts to escape by jumping off the cliff in the dungeon, but Jafar uses the magic carpet to keep that from happening.

I think the most interesting thing we learned is that what Jafar and the Red Queen are attempting to do is rewrite the rules of magic.  That’s why he needs all three of the genies.  What he intends to do with this power is still a mystery, but somehow he thinks it will give him what he wants from the Sultan.

Next week is the winter finale, and they are promising something big.  I’m wondering if Alice will use her last wish but then Jafar gets his hands on Cyrus as the cliffhanger.  Either way, I’m anxious to see what happens.

Thoughts on the episode?  Predictions for the week?  Hit me up in the comments.


  1. I thought the flashback to Jafar's childhood and how was treated was great insite to how he has come to be what he is. We'd already found out previously how he learned his magic from that witch lady. And of course, who the man in the cage is. High five to us both on that one!
    White Rabbit at least got a scene this week :)
    Alice's step mother is a real piece of work. The look that came into her eyes when the Father mentioned Alice - great acting.
    So, two wishes down and one to go.
    I wish I could say I'm as into this series as I am Once Upon a Time, but I'm just not.

    1. The White Rabbit is definitely an under used character, and Alice's family is messed up completely. You could compare and contrast how Alice is dealing with her family vs. Jafar, of course. Yes, his father treated him horribly, but Jafar could have responded in so many other ways.

      I agree this isn't as good as the original series. My guess is we'll be lucky to see the end of this season based on the ratings. I'm enjoying it enough that I can stick around for season 1.


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