Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly TV Thoughts 12-7

I'm all caught up on TV!  That is until three episodes of The Sing-Off hit this week.

Survivor – Based on the one before Thanksgiving, I would have said it was going to be predictable for the next few weeks.  But man that was a crazy tribal counsel at the end of this week’s episode.  And now I’m wondering if Ceria regrets not flipping a tribal sooner.

Arrow – I’m not that impressed with Barry Allen so far.  And finally there is an island flashback that means something to today.  And don’t cross Mrs. Queen.  I’m very interested in where they go with her character this season.

The Big Bang Theory – It was interesting seeing them go back to that element story, however it wasn’t as funny as the show often is.  Either that or I was very tired while watching.  I actually enjoyed the sub-plot more.  Yes, Raj’s behavior was completely predictable, but I still found it so very funny.

The Crazy Ones – I knew where the pie story was going early on.  And the Victoria Secret story was just tie in for other things, but I certainly did enjoy it.

White Collar – For once, Elizabeth acted like a normal wife would given the situation.  It made me realize how much I love the trusting Elizabeth we normally see.  But I loved having her involved in the climax.  So where are they going with the storylines this season?  That’s what I’m still trying to figure out.

Nikita – I get where Michael was coming from last Friday, but I hope he can change his mind in the next four weeks.  And enough with the clones/doubles.  Those kind of stories always seem to go overboard once they start down that path.  UPDATE: I wrote that after seeing last week's episode.  This week, I'm more forgiving of the doubles since it was Berkoff they doubled but his dad.  That was much more interesting.  However, I think it might have been better if Amanda had killed him.  He's in for a world of hurt.

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