Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

TV is winding down for the year for me.  In fact, looks like I won't be making this post for the next two weeks.  Nothing I watch is going to be new.  Considering I have some Christmas movies and specials to watch over the next few days and some other things also on the DVR, that's probably a good thing.  Plus one roommate and I are planning on an I Love Lucy marathon.  We'll see if that actually happens.

Anyway, here's what I did watch this week.

Once Upon a Time – I’m glad they showed us a happy ending for the Frozen gang, but I’m also glad that part of the season is behind us.  It just didn’t mess into the overall story of the show very well.  This episode was great, and I’m anxious to see how they pick up from here in the future.  As always, you can read my full recap here.

The Sing-Off – Why did we only get one show this season instead of the usual two or three week event?  I wanted more!  Having said that, I’m glad a college group finally won since I’m always rooting for them.  These guys certainly seemed super talented, too.

Survivor – I know I’ve been railing against Natalie all season just because the “twinnies” were so annoying on The Amazing Race.  But I’ve got to hand it to her, she deserved to win because she made several big moves.  Plus she wasn’t that annoying without her sister around.  I think that really helped her out in my eyes.

White Collar – I knew Neal wasn’t dead.  It was more elaborate than I expected, but they would never end the series that way.  I was always rooting for Neal to turn into a good guy and leave his conman life completely behind him, but I figured we’d never get that ending.  As a result, I’m okay with what we got.  And it was certainly better than some of my fears from the teases the stars have been giving for months.

Covert Affairs – They rush some things, drag others out too long.  I mean, Annie’s known this guy for how long?  They’ve actually been dating for even less time.  And yet they are talking about marriage?  Sorry, but I just don’t buy it, and that’s not because I’m a diehard Annie/Auggie shipper, either.  A little surprised the prostitute isn’t dead, but that storyline still went exactly where I thought it would go.  All in all, we’re back to the less than stellar seasons of the show.  If it ended now, I wouldn’t be too upset, although I would probably come back for more if it got renewed.

The Amazing Race – Well, I was disappointed that Adam and Bethany didn’t win.  Sounds like he might have been better on that final challenge.  Still, if they couldn’t win, I’m glad the scientists won.  And to think, they came in last on the last leg.  That’s got to be killing the wrestlers, especially the female.  It seemed no one had to go out again and they remembered all the numbers.  I was surprised it didn’t take people who didn’t remember the proper order longer than it looked like it took them to finish up that task.

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