Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's On Your Nightstand - December 2014

Can you believe it's the last nightstand post of the year?  We're almost to 2015!  Yikes!  But before we turn that page, it's time for the final What's On Your Nightstand of 2014.

Currently on my nightstand is Feta Attraction by Susannah Hardy.  This is the first in a new Greek restaurant themed cozy mystery series, and I've really been enjoying it.  I've got 90 pages left, which is a good thing since it is due for review on Monday, January 5th as part of a blog tour.  Come back then to see my thoughts.

It's also good because it means I get to move on to For Whom the Bluebells Toll by Beverly Allen.  I loved the first Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery, so I'm really looking forward to reading this one.  I've got an ARC, so I will hopefully be posting this review on January 6th.  I've got to get reading if that is going to happen.

From there, I had hoped to have a theme for my reading this month of outdoor/exercise type books to go with the whole January resolution type of thing.  The three books I've got lined up to read for that are Zero-Degree Murder by M. L. Rowland, Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley, and Geared for the Grave by Duffy Brown.

The problem with this plan is that it doesn't allow for any new books that come out in January, and I've got several favorite series with new books coming out.  And there are the books I got for Christmas I'm dying to read.  Plus some Middle Grade novels I've had waiting to get read for forever....

Yes, it's a case of so many books so little time.  We'll just have to see what winds up being the priority over the next month, right?

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