Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11th's Weekly TV Recaps

No preamble, so let's get right to it.

America Ninja Warrior – For me, the people I was rooting for the most were the twins.  And they both went out at the same place, which was so hard to watch.  I thought this was a special kind of thing, but in reality, they are making this another leg of the competition, so really, there are six different qualifying cities.  I love seeing so many people getting a chance to compete each year, so I’m not complaining at all.

Royal Pains – Divya and Jeremiah.  I love them and their relationship.  I go back and forth on whether I think they’d make a great couple or not, but I hope they never lose their friendship.  The twist with Evan at the end was quite interesting, and I loved his “Thank you?”  I really do love these characters and this show.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that this season yet, have I?

Scream – So are they going to start each episode with a murder?  And did no one really find her body until the next morning?  Although I guess if the killer moved it into her room, that might make sense.  Definitely more high school drama since they do need to spread things out, and they have explained the new mask, although I really, really will always miss Ghostface.

Melissa & Joey – You know, that future kind of seemed like something from 1984, but maybe I have that on my mind since I listened to it a couple months back.  I think my favorite parts were the “or else” lines, especially “Don’t worry, be happy.  Or else.”  I may have to remember that line in the future.

Baby Daddy – Bonnie settling down?  I mean, I know she was married before the series started, but I can’t quite picture it.  How are they going to play out this engagement?  I seriously don’t expect it to last.

Suits – As I was watching, I was thinking about how Harvey treats people, running them over when they get in his way.  And then the therapist brought that out in the roll play.  I think I’m actually rooting for Harvey to lose something (beside Donna) this season so he has to take a step back from how he always treats people.  Loving Rachel and Jessica together this season – more of that, please.  And anyone else know what our mid-season cliffhanger is going to be?  Because I have a guess.  Rachel’s dad learns Mike’s secret.

Graceland – The curse of too many storylines strikes again.  Why did they need to find that guy in Florida?  Oh, and if the cop say “Let me do the talking,” I’m going to do the talking.  Just saying.  Looks like they’ve set things up to be very, very interesting next week.

Girl Meets World – Overall, a very disappointing episode.  Really?  You’re going to preach to us that the voting age should be lowered?  And crazy Eric is funny in small doses.  I much prefer the sane Eric.  Having said that, I almost remember Tommy, so that part was neat.  And I loved the final scene.

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