Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – It seems they are making it harder and harder for ordinary people to get through the course.  I mean, only three finishers tonight?  But oh man, the people to do make it through or very far.  Their stories are amazing.  And I’m rooting for the one husband to get a wildcard spot.  He deserves it with how far he went even if he wasn’t fast enough, and it would mean so much with his wife.  Yes, I’m falling for the sob story, but it is so inspiring.

Royal Pains – So much better than last week’s episode.  I knew part way through that Evan and Paige weren’t going to get the baby, but I actually loved how it played out.  Seeing Hank with his ex again sure was interesting.  And Divya and Rog are together again.  I never would have guessed that after season 2.  Loved the last scene with Hank and Evan.  Definitely curious to see where they will go with everyone next season.  It’s going to be a long wait.

Scream – Are they counting Tyler’s death as the death for this episode?  Because he was the first one killed, so that shouldn’t count.  I was surprised when no one died.  And where was the sheriff’s son?  The real question is, who staged the scene at the hospital?  Because I sure didn’t find any clues there, although it sure was creepy.  I really was expecting Brook to die tonight since they are working so hard to give her growth and maturity.  You know that means she’s the next to die.  Although since Tyler is the only guy they’ve killed, it might be time for one of the male characters to meet the mask.

Melissa & Joey – They finally get Ryder back, and it’s for a clips show?  Not that there weren’t some fun moments we got to relive, but that wasn’t what I was hoping for tonight.

Baby Daddy – And another clips show.  And all those clips from the episodes before I started watching made me really wish I could go back and see those earlier episodes.

Suits – It really does amaze me sometimes how the characters pull things out of their hats like with Jessica at the end.  And I think the therapy was all happening at the end?  Or at least near the end?  That was actually more confusing than a good storytelling technique.  I think we have the next villain in the firm for sure now, but how this is all going to play out with what Harvey is going through is going to be very interesting.

Graceland – Well, we did finally wrap one storyline up, but we immediately started another.  Can’t we wrap up another one first and focus on two instead of having, what, four to keep track of?  Yeah, can you tell I’m beginning to get frustrated with the show again?  And with my schedule as crazy busy as it is right now, I should start thinking about dropping it.

Girl Meets World – I knew where this one was going early on, although I didn’t know what food Auggie had given Chelsea.  Still, a very funny episode, and mostly without the adults, too.

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