Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I'm actually a little surprised I got through as much TV as I did this week.  I was out of town on business and thought that might slow me down.  But I did spend some time watching TV at night in my hotel room, so I was able to catch up quickly when I got back.  And this even includes a new show I'll be sticking with this week, too.

America Ninja Warrior – So many great stories tonight even if the competitors didn’t go very far.  And yes, I take back what I said about Santa Monica this year.  All the courses have had that one extremely tough obstacle this year.  But the thing I’m most excited about?  Joe and his wife expecting!  I really do love to root for him since he seems like such a nice guy.

Scream – It’s a bit funny watching the lead in this show and not thinking of Hank and Evan’s sister, since she was on Royal Pains last season.  And the shows are on opposite each other.  Anyway, as a fan of the movies (you’ll find the reviews in my archives), I had to give it a shot.  I’m really impressed.  Obviously, they are ignoring everything about the movies, including the mask, but I really enjoyed it.  I have a feeling this might be the one show I wish that I could watch back to back.

Royal Pains – Really?  They are going to go with the phone call working?  Just like that he’s giving up custody?  I’m happy to see that storyline end since I hated it, but it doesn’t ring true at all.  Meanwhile, where is Jeremiah really?  And what has Evan stumbled into?

Melissa and Joey – I should have seen that twist with the parents coming.  It was so obvious.  Oh, and yes, I am thrilled that Zander and Lenox are back together.

Baby Daddy – That Wheeler War was very fun.  Yes, I saw the ending coming, but I was having a blast along the way.  I just want to know what the other events were.

Suits – Really, I am so over the Louis vs. Harvey stuff.  Can we find something new to get them working together with only minor skirmishes from here on out?  Please?  I mean, it was a great episode, and I loved Mike and Rachel’s sub-plot (and Rachel’s scene with Jessica), but come on, that part of the soap opera needs a rest.

Graceland – Suddenly, it’s Jonny who is frustrating me.  However, I’m enjoying this season overall so far.  The interplay between the characters is top notch and the stories are interesting finally.  It’s still no White Collar (same creator), but it is interesting again.


  1. Didn't realize they had turned Scream into a TV series. I'll have to check it out.

    1. Yep, it's on MTV. The pilot just aired Tuesday, so you aren't behind at all, really.


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