Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

America Ninja Warrior – So many people going out at the same spot.  Not too surprise considering how few people made it beyond that point last round.  But the people who made it to the last few obstacles?  So inspiring with such great stories.  Really, I don’t remember having so many great stories in the past.  Is my memory just that bad, or are they ramping up the backstory factor this season?

Royal Pains – Evan and a bird?  Seriously?  We get that for an episode in an eight episode season?  And where has Paige been for two episodes now?  Plus no Jeremiah?  About the only thing I felt they moved forward was Divya’s relationships.  Seriously, a disappointing episode.

Scream – The first death that actually meant something to me.  Why couldn’t it have been Brook?  Because she’s the easy target, I know.  And I know just about everyone in the cast is going to die, so it will happen at some point.  And they had the main murder of the episode at the end this time just to throw me off, too.

Melissa and Joey – Normally, I might be upset by an adult acting that childish, but somehow Mel acting as she did over cake for breakfast was so funny.  And Lennox grabbing her nose was so great as well.  What’s truly amazing to me is no guest stars, just the three main cast members.

Baby Daddy – A little farce is always fun, and the mix ups with the ring were great.  I do wish that Bonnie had actually loved the ring at the end, but she is Bonnie, after all.

Suits – So how long do you think Harvey and Louis have patched things up.  I’d love to think this would take, at least for the rest of the season, but I doubt it.  Then again, it looks like I might be wrong in my predictions about Mike and who is next to learn his secret.

Graceland – A very dark episode, especially there at the end.  I was getting uncomfortable in places.  Yet I’m hooked enough to really want to know what comes next.

Girl Meets World – I never would have recognized Mr. Turner at all, but I did love how they worked him into the show and the call backs to the Boy Meets World I’ve been watching this year.  So glad I’m going back through the show, too, because episodes like this mean so much more to me now.

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