Sunday, February 25, 2024

February 25th's Sunday/Monday Post

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I had Monday off work.  This is the only job I've had where I get a holiday between New Year's Day and Memorial Day.  And how did I spend this day?  I did my taxes.  So exciting, right?  Normally, I try to do them early since I get refunds, or at least a net refund.  Not this year.  I wound up with a net payment owed.  Oh well, such is life.

We had rain on Monday and Tuesday, but it's warmed up since then.  It was in the 70's Saturday, in fact.  But it will be cooling off and giving us rain again soon.

Other than that, just worked and read this week.  Exciting, right?

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Book Haul:

Do I have shocking news for you - I only have two books to talk about in this week's book haul.  I know, I'm surprised, too.

The first is a novella - The Corpse Wore Cashmere by MJ O'Neil.  It's only available to her newsletter subscribers.  Not quite sure how I wound up on that list, but it looks like it could be a fun series, so I decided to snag it.  I mean, it is a cozy mystery, and we know how I feel about those.

The other book was free to me.  Diane Vallere is doing giveaways on Facebook leading up to her 40th book, which comes out Tuesday.  And I won one day!  I got to pick my prize, and I picked Please Don't Push Up the Daisies, which was the only one of her backlist I didn't already own.  I've still got one more book in that series to read before I get there, but maybe I'll get caught up by the end of the year?  It would be nice.

What I'm Currently Reading:

As I type this, I still have a little more to go in Black List, White Death by Steve Hockensmith.  This is a collection of two novellas in his Holmes on the Range series, which features two cowboys investigating mysteries after reading about Sherlock Holmes.  It's a fun series, and this book is fun as well.

Up next is the ninth and final Quilting Mystery from Mary Marks - Knot Ready for Murder.  There is a part of me that will be sad to see the series end, but another part of me is looking forward to ending a series I've been behind on.  That mixed bag that readers have, right?

That's it for me.  Have a great week.


  1. It's a miserable business doing taxes - but at least you've got it done. And I know that mixed feeling when coming to the end of a much-loved series all too well... Have a great week:).

  2. Congrats on getting your taxes done! I haven't even thought about mine. It's too overwhelming. :)

  3. I hate doing taxes and I put it off until the last minute. Good for you in completing yours.

    Congratulations on (1) winning a book and (2) limiting your incoming books to only two!

  4. I spent a chunk of yesterday doing my taxes as well. Unfortunately, with multiple part time jobs this year, unemployment, etc it's more complicated than usual. Fingers crossed for a refund but I am not holding my breath.

  5. I love when we win books! Sorry your don't get a refund, but at least the taxes are finished. My husband did ours, finished them on Monday as well, and now he plans to do my son's with him. Have a great week!

  6. Please Don't Push Up The Daisies is such an interesting title! It's so cool that you won it. It sounds like a fun one! Also yay on getting your taxes done. Now you won't have to think about it until next year! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Ugh on the taxes! Cool that you won a book.

  8. 70's sound so nice. Bummer to have to do taxes on a day off but it's also nice I guess to have that done. Hope your weekend was great

  9. Definitely shocking, lol. They'd better be really good!

  10. Even though you didn't get a refund, it must be a relief to at least have your taxes done. That's my plan for this coming week. I haven't watched Crime Time yet. Probably will on Tuesday. Have a great week. :)

  11. Some weeks are like that. I have been in a bit of a slump lately and have only finished a few books since Cybils judging ended. I a not sure if it is me or I need to book that will kick start my reading.

  12. My husband did taxes this weekend. No fun when you owe. Your books look good. I've been reading mostly nonfiction lately. Hope you enjoy your week.

  13. My tax appointment is in mid-March. It seems to take a really long time before all the documents I need finally arrive. You got some interesting books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  14. We have owed money for the past 3 years since Trump was in office and changed the tax codes. Ugh.

  15. Ugh - I need to work on taxes soon. Both of your books look good. Happy Reading!

  16. You do know how to party! But seriously - it's got to be nice to have that done and behind you! The Mary Marks series is calling me. I've read one and enjoyed it but I want to read the rest of the books. I hope you've had a great week!


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