Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ornament Review: Joe Cool Rocks! - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun music clips and a great looking ornaments
Cons: None for me
The Bottom Line:
Toe tapping music
With nostalgia elements
Snoopy is so cool

Rock out with Joe Cool and His Jukebox

Few things say Christmas to me like music and ornaments.  So a chance to combine the two is always fun.  Throw in Snoopy, and I have a hard time resisting, which is how I wound up with Joe Cool Rocks!  This 2012 Hallmark ornament combines all three in a fun manner.

The ornament is red.  Okay, so not completely, but that is the first impression.  Snoopy is reading a red sweater that has Joe Cool written on it.  And he's leaning against a jukebox that is mostly red.  It does have some white stripes on it and a green front with a wreath hanging on it.  Snoopy is standing on one leg with his thumbs up on one hand, and he's wearing sunglasses.  If you look inside the window of the jukebox, you'll see some circular metal that is supposed to represent the old fashioned records that would be in the old time jukeboxes.

I mentioned music, and this ornament does feature two clips - both around 15 seconds.  One is of "Deck the Halls" and the other is "Jingle Bells."  They are a fun, swing arrangement that bring a smile to my face when I hear them.  And, frankly, that was the main reason I bought this ornament.  The music was just so fun.

Between the arrangements of the songs and the look of the jukebox, the entire thing gives me a very 50's feel.

The jukebox provides a nice level base for the ornament, so it sits flat on any surface you'd want to set it on.  Looking to hang it on your Christmas tree?  There is a hook just to the right of the top of the jukebox.  My first thought was it won't hang straight, but I wasn't factoring in Snoopy standing off to the side.  If anything, it tips back very slightly, but for the most part it looks level to me.  Once you get it on your tree, you certainly wouldn't be able to tell any differently.

I mentioned earlier how red the ornament is.  I actually like that.  It really stands out on your tree.  And it's such a fun ornament that you want to be able to spot it easily so you can press the button and hear a song.

This was one I wasn't planning to buy last year, but the longer I played with it in the stores, the more I couldn't resist.  It looks sharp and the song clips are fun.  I really enjoyed it this last Christmas.

So for a little nostalgia fun with Snoopy, be sure to track down Joe Cool Rocks!  It will make any Christmas tree cooler.

Original Price: 17.95

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