Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

A couple of shows returned this week, but I felt like I had less to watch.  Probably something about all those two hour premiers I complained about last week.  Next week gives me two more news shows, however, so we shall see how I do.

Once Upon a Time – As long as they are going to make Emma the Dark One, I’m glad they went all out and made her truly evil.  While I was watching her struggle, I was hoping that wasn’t all we’d see.  I also liked that they had the characters reacting the same way I was to their memories being erased.  “Again!”  I’m very curious to see how this all plays out.  So, did Regina play Hook into freeing Zelena?  We’ll probably never know that.

Big Bang Theory – Okay, I guess I was expecting too much of a resolution on a sitcom, but I feel like the ending of the Penny/Leonard issue was a bit of a letdown.  Easily the worst part of the episode, but if it resolves this stupid plot that I never bought, I’ll be happy.  Loved the rest of it.  The Shamey breakup is hilarious.  And Raj and Howard were pretty funny, too, as was Bernadette’s scene with Penny and Amy.

Dancing with the Stars – I didn’t know half of those theme songs since they were from shows I never watched.  Still, the routines were impressive – mostly.  There are still the obvious couples who should be going soon, but hopefully they will.  I wasn’t rooting for Kym and Tony, but I’m sorry to see them go, especially this way.  That’s never how I want anyone out of the competition.

Castle – Seriously?  What are they thinking?  That is not how you handle a problem when you are married, and I don’t see it working for the characters.  I will not give up on the show based on this, but they had better really make it worth our wild if I am expected to stick around for this nonsense.

The Muppets – Overall, I found the show more fun this week.  However, the adult jokes bothered me more.  Go figure, right?  The jury is still out, but I will keep watching for now and see if it can truly find its stride.

Agents of SHIELD – I’m not completely back on board.  It’s still got flaws.  But I am certainly curious where they are going with everything, especially since Ward and HYDRA aren’t the group that we were fighting against this week.  Looks like that is coming next week, but who are these others?  Where is Simmons?  Still not sure quite what to think, but I’m willing to give it a little time to develop.

Scream Queens – Who was the ice cream cone?  Was that someone we knew or just a random guest star/extra?  I mean, we didn’t lose anyone major with either of the deaths in the episode, but I don’t expect the big deaths to come until late in the season.  There’s no secret that there are two of them now, and we know who one of them is.  But why?  Obviously, it has to do with the death/baby from 20 years ago, but who is the second killer?  How did this person get a partner?  And why does the main killer think this will help at all?

Survivor – Wow, that was quite the dramatic turn in the one tribe in the course of a couple of days.  Way to find a weakness and exploit it.  But it is obvious who you can’t trust.  Good thing everyone else was on board because loose lips could have sunk that plan.  I was okay with who left.  Of the two, I didn’t really like her and I want Spencer to stick around for a while longer since I kind of like him.

Heroes Reborn – Less impressed than I was before.  I’d forgotten this part of the show where the characters wander around with no apparent purpose for episodes on end.  It reminds me of a story I used to write with some friends.  Anyway, I hope some kind of direction shows up soon.  The one thing that really got me this week is Zachary Levi’s character starting to show some powers.  Don’t know why that surprised me so much, but it really did.

Amazing Race – I was sorry to see the cousins go.  I’m not sure they would have gotten much further, but I liked them, and I would have enjoyed seeing them longer.  I wasn’t paying much attention, but I’m not sure why the jocks hate the green team so much.  And I was sorry to see one of the jocks get injured racing for second.  Seems a little crazy to me.  We will have to see how that affects them going forward.

Girl Meets World – It was an okay episode for sure, but definitely not one of their better episodes.  Having said that, the dancing was fun, and Dewey was much more fun this time around as well.

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