Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts

After not having anything for this post last week, I've got lots this week.  It's almost like the Olympics are over or something.

The Amazing Race - Go Jett and Cord!!!!  Yes, I will biasedly be rooting for them the entire time, but they did very well this week.  I'll also be rooting for the father/son team to do well this time after the way they stuck together when the dad got injured last time.  I'm so glad to have the Twinnies gone already.  Now they can't annoy me this time around.

Melissa and Joey - You know, the reason Melissa broke up with that one boyfriend that we started this season with was because he didn't want any more kids.  Joe was behind it at that point.  So now he doesn't want kids?  Really?  Seems like the writers have forgotten their story to me.

Arrow - I really wish I liked where this season is going.  You just know they are going to kill off Sarah and make us all cry when it happens.  I'm dreading that.  Felicity's story was predictable, but I still liked it.  That ending?  Everything is out in the open now.  It will be very interesting to see how this starts to play out.

Survivor - They need to start every season with two episodes back to back.  However, I've got to say the brains team is not living up to their name.  To not vote out the weakest link twice in a row and lose twice on puzzles?  I know you need to think about the long term, but you need to be around long enough to get to the long term.  Then there's the second guy voted out with the idol still at home.  They'd better turn things around quickly.

Psych - I must admit, I'm not always a fan of episodes where the cast takes on the parts of suspects from the past.  However, this one worked and was lots of fun.  And I don't know why I was surprised at the ending since we knew Maggie Lawson wasn't around for half the season because of her canceled show on ABC.

The Big Bang Theory - Watching Amy deal with Sheldon was great, but frankly the whole episode was brilliant.  Both stories worked and there were lots of laughs.

The Crazy Ones - Watching Zach on the other side of a broken heart was funny, although the ending was fairly predictable.  And now I'm wondering if Sydney has a boyfriend or if he was just a one episode guest star.

Enlisted - The Sergeant Major's story wasn't that great, but I loved the others.  Pete trying to break up with his ex was especially funny, and the ending was great.  I love rooting for he and Jill even if they aren't going to get together any time soon.

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