Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts: January 18th

So I definitely think I've found two new shows to enjoy.  But with how low the ratings are for both, I probably won't have either of them around for long.  Like I need any more TV to watch.

And yes, spoilers!

America Ninja Warrior: USA Vs. Japan – I really am surprised that the Japanese team didn't do better.  Was it jetlag?  A home turf advantage?  Nerves?  Or just bad luck.  I mean, plenty of great people go out in unexpected places on the course, so that could easily be it as well.

Intelligence – This is why I always give a show a couple of episodes before I decide.  I was actually intrigued by the second episode.  And I was shocked with the development with his wife’s case.  The ratings dropped big time, however, so I don’t know how long the show will last.  Still, I think I’ll stick around for a third episode.

Melissa & Joey – I was expecting them to play out the ex-boyfriend for a few more episodes.  And yes, they’d known each other their whole lives, but still a proposal was too soon.  But his reaction when Ryder was in the hospital was so inappropriate, and if he loved her at all, he’d know that.  Anxious to see how Mel & Joe do as a couple next week.  And yes, this is the same guy who was about to give up the show because of how they got them together.  What can I say, I’m fickle like that.  And I loved the first line.  “Somebody say something.  It feels like we’ve been standing here for six months.”  Absolutely great.

Arrow – I like that they are keeping Barry Allen in the loop even if they aren’t going to bring him back for a back door pilot.  And I do like how they are developing the characters this season.  Some great action this week, too.  I’m glad to have this show back.

Psych – Much funnier than last week.  I love how Shawn was making up his acronym as he went along.  And Lassie as a dad will be fun to watch if the show lasts that long.  All around great episode.  Oh, and I hate the new chief of police, too.  Can’t wait until he’s gone.

White Collar – I was a little surprised they caught Rebecca already until the end.  She's obviously still got something else up her sleeve, but what?  And they played it out perfectly.  This show is back on top.  So, why are the Burkes going to wind up staying in New York?  It sounds too good to pass up, so I'll be sorry they can't actually go this time.

Michael J. Fox – I was wondering how they'd screw this new friendship up.  The whole "Parent Trapping" thing was very funny.  Could have done without the brother's storyline, but Eve's ending scene was pretty classic.

Enlisted – Not quite as funny as the pilot, but I still enjoyed it.  Loved the dinner contest scene as well as how easily Randy cried over Toy Story 3.  Heck, he was crying over parts even I didn't cry over.

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