Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I did just finish watching my shows for the week.  It's like I watched almost all of these today or something.

Intelligence - Point taken to all those who are saying that Chuck wasn't an original concept either, but I still couldn't help but think of it as another Chuck, but with the missing wife back story.  Really, it just feels like a CBS show clone.  I might give the next episode a chance just because of the actors involved, but I don't think I'll be sticking with it long term.

Psych - The first half of this one seemed slow, but then things picked up.  They actually had me going there for a while, but Despereaux got the better of Shawn and Gus again.  And again without a single Princess Bride reference, which I still think is inconceivable. 

The Big Bang Theory - At least Penny and Leonard haven't broken up, although they obvious have somethings to work through.  My favorite scene, however, was Bernadette buying the comic book at the end.  Pure comedy gold.

White Collar - I did not see that ending coming.  My mind is trying to reframe the entire season so far.  And I love the idea of Neal being conned for a change.  I also love how they are playing Peter and Neal's relationship.  While I love the two of them working together side by side, I am glad they haven't glossed over Peter's feelings right now.

The Crazy Ones - Sydney got sick right before her date?  How shocking.  The real comedy came from that doll at the end of the episode.  Great stuff.  And this show seems to be settling down into a funny show.

The Michael J. Fox Show - I should have seen that ending coming with Mike figuring out about the secret relationship and then them breaking up.  Still, it just proves how charming and fun this show really is.

Enlisted - Honestly, of all the comedies this week, I was chuckling at this one the most.  It was just so unexpected, and yes, the tender moments worked for me, too.  I know the ratings were low on this one, but you need to give it a chance.  It's lots of fun.

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