Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1-12 - Seeds

Another mystery gets answer, but in typical good story telling fashion, it leaves us with new questions.  I love that.  And I loved the reaction, too.

This week, the revelations were for Skye.  Coulson was still reeling from his news about how long he was dead.  In fact, he spent the first few scenes he was in just staring at photos of his corpse.

But the story of the week involves ice.  We head out to the Shield school of science where the pool was suddenly turned to ice while a couple of kids were swimming in it.  One of them almost got his leg stuck, but a loner who had been standing new by helps break the ice.  Investigating, they find a machine nearby that had caused it.

And that machine?  It’s based on designs by Fitz and Simmons from when they were in the academy.  So they are called in to help investigate along side Ward and Skye.  Fitz and Simmons are asked to give a lecture, and there is a second attack.  This time, it’s the student saved the first one.  He freezes, but they find the devise, turn it off, and save him.

Seeing a lot of himself in the loner, Fitz goes to befriend him in his dorm room.  The room is plastered with designs, and Fitz is impressed.  He even offers a few suggestions.

Meanwhile, the other three have gone to the boiler room, which has been turned into a hang out.  They question a few of the students and put the pieces together – the loner is actually the one behind it.  As soon as Fitz finds out, he runs back but is knocked out.  See, the loner isn’t in it alone.  The boy in the pool attack is in it with them.

So where have Coulson and May been all this time?  I’m glad you asked.  They headed to Mexico because they got a lead on the man involved in Skye’s case.  They track him down and have to fight him, but eventually, he realizes they are Shield and relaxes.  And he has a story for them.

Years ago, he was part of a team that was called to an 187 in a village in China.  The 187?  Skye as a baby.  The village was attacked as was the team, and most of them were killed.  They decided for the sake of the baby’s safety to put her in the child welfare system with her location changing every few months.

On their way to meet up with the rest of the team, Coulson and May drop the man off somewhere so he can go back into hiding.  They don’t indicate they know where Skye is, and he warns them that anyone who knows the truth will face great danger.

Coulson and May get back in time for our duo to launch a great demonstration of their new and improved device thanks to the power information they’ve inadvertently gotten from Fitz before they knocked him out.  They are trying to get a grant from a billionaire.  He isn’t planning to give them the time of day, so the one kid talks the other into going ahead with their giant demonstration.

And it’s huge.  They basically create a giant winter storm.  (Hey, maybe that explains the cold weather across much of the country last week?)  As things get out of hand, the loner tries to stop things, but the machine shorts out, zapping the other kid.  Our team is able to get in on the plane and get the kids out of there, and with the machine destroyed, the storm goes away.  The loner is taken to the sandbox without his friend, who is still in critical condition.  And he is driven away, we see him turning a window pane to ice for a few seconds.

If I knew the Marvel universe better, I’d say we just saw the creation of another villain.

Against May’s advice, Coulson tells Skye what they’ve learned about her past.  She breaks down in tears, but tears of relief.  Her families didn’t shuffle her around the system because they didn’t want her.  They did it because Shield was pulling the strings.  In her final scene, we see her going to the wall of the fallen at the school to honor the woman who left her, sacrificing her life in the bargain.

And, for the final scene, Coulson places a call to the billionaire who at first thinks it’s the kids calling him.  When he realizes it is Coulson, he passes on a message – the Seer says hi.

So, now we know about Skye’s past, but who is after her?  And what abilities does she have?  Actually, I’m sure Caterpillar is the one who wants her since they are the big bad this season.  But why?  That’s what I can’t wait to find out.

But wait we shall.  The next new episode won’t be until February 4th, so we’ll wait for more answers until then.

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