Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts for January 4th

No rest for the TV watcher - some of my Thursday shows have already started up again with lots of new shows starting back this coming week.

The Big Bang Theory - I wonder just how long this arc with Penny and Leonard is going to play out, but things are very interesting right now.  Wonder where the writers are taking things.  I always read the vanity cards at the end of the show, and the irony of them cutting an actress for time in this episode was pretty high, but I thought the card was classy.

The Crazy Ones - Predictable results but still comedic gold.  My favorite was the intervention inside the game.  Yes, Big Bang did it better with Penny, but it was still quite funny here.

Michael J. Fox Show - My favorite bit here was the older brother and the bat game.  I was wondering when the sister and the boss would get together.  And how long is this going to be going on, I wonder now.

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