Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts for January 25th

Intelligence – Now see this is what I was expecting from the show – a decent enough story but nothing too spectacular.  It was interesting enough to hold my interest, and I’ll probably give it one more episode before I decide for sure, but there wasn’t anything compelling about it like there was last week with the wife’s storyline.

Melissa & Joey – So Joey’s moved out just as they start their relationship.  I wonder how long that will last, but it will be fun to watch play out.  And yes, I’m back on board even though it took being drunk to get the main characters together, something that almost turned me off the show this last summer.

Arrow – I still feel like they are setting pieces into place for the rest of the season, but the threads are beginning to come together.  They did tie up a loose thread by killing off the dirty cop.  And they are positioning Ray to become the side kick.  I’m really going to enjoy watching the relationship develop.

psych – So I rewatched the original episode to fully appreciate this remake.  It was fun, although I’m not completely sure it was needed.  It did highlight now the antics of Shawn and Gus (but mainly Shawn) have gotten crazier over the years.  And yes, they did change the killer and motive.

The Michael J. Fox Show – Promo for the Olympics being on NBC much?  Still, it was worth the story line although my favorite was definitely the daughter and her pageant.  Watching everyone’s attitudes toward it change back and forth over the course of the episode was very funny.

White Collar – I wasn't surprised about the first shock at the end of the episode, and from there I knew what the final scene would be.  Doesn't mean I can't wait until next week.  And it's nice to have Diana back.  Just can't believe she missed most of the season (since the actress really was pregnant).  Season finale already next week?  Say it ain't so!

Enlisted – I was laughing multiple times at this one pretty hard.  Just the random silliness.  I felt like they were trying a bit too hard to put some heart into this episode.  But those last few seconds?  Pure comic gold.

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