Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review: High Rhymes and Misdemeanors by Diana Killian (Poetic Death Mysteries #1)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Addicting caper with great characters
Cons: None for me
The Bottom Line:
Romantic poets
Lead to modern day mayhem
Enjoy the wild ride

Fun, Romantic Mystery

American Grace Hollister is on a working vacation researching the Romantic poets in England for her doctorate. One night, she stumbles on a man face down in a stream. Surprisingly, he isn't dead yet. She manages to revive Peter Fox, and the two share drinks in the bar. Peter tries to shake off what just happened, but when Grace is kidnapped the next day to make Peter do something, she realizes there is much more going on then meets the eye and someone thinks she knows more then she does. Now she must team up with Peter, who is hiding a past of his own, to solve this mystery before both of them are as dead as the poets she loves to study.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot gets a little convoluted at times with lots of characters who seem to change sides regularly, so you really need to pay attention. There is one major plot point that is resolved in passing, which bothers me a little. The story is equal parts mystery and romance. While the romance aspect is more pronounced then I normally like, but I really enjoyed it here.

Part of this is because the two lead characters are interesting and entertaining. I especially loved Peter's sarcasm and Grace's resourcefulness. Both are people I would love to spend time with in real life, only without all the excitement. Even on the page, the chemistry between the two is very real, making it easy to root for them.

When I sat down to read the book, I was a little intimidated. The chapters were so much longer then I was used to reading, and I prefer to read a chapter in one setting. That didn't prove to be a problem at all, however. The book reads quickly, and I often came to the end of one chapter wishing I had time to read another.

High Rhymes and Misdemeanors is highly entertaining. Pick it up and hang on for the wild ride ahead. I can't wait for the next in this fun series.

And you'll definitely want to read the Poetic Death Mysteries in order.

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