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Ornament Review: Cookie Cutter Christmas #1 - Sledding - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament and a very clever idea
Cons: Those who don't grab it now might miss out
The Bottom Line
A sweet little mouse
Framed in a cookie cutter
Charming ornament

My Vote for Best New Hallmark Ornament Series of 2012

As much as I enjoy Hallmark's ornaments, I seem to have a special weakness for their series ornaments.  The new series are one of the announcements I wait for most anxiously every year.  Of the three series starting in 2012, I'm starting two of them, and Cookie Cutter Christmas is my prediction for biggest hit of the year.

This series actually has an interesting history.  Last year, Keepsake Artist Nina Aube designed what was supposed to be a one time ornament for their special event for ornament collectors.  But it proved to get such popular feedback that it has been turned into a series, officially starting in 2012.

So, what' the series?  It involves a mouse enjoying some winter or Christmas activity inside a cookie cutter shaped frame.  For this series debut, we've got our mouse sledding.  But did I mention that sweet treats are used as much as possible in the ornament?  Instead of a traditional sled, the mouse is sledding on an ice cream sandwich on top of candy cane runners.  There are two bushes of lollipops in front of the hill, and the mountains in the background are upside down ice cream cones.  There are two rocks as well, and I'm wondering if they are hard candies.  Personally, I like to think of the hill as frosting instead of snow.

No, the mouse is not designed to look like any food, but he's a very cute mouse with a smile on his face and a scarf flying behind him and he heads down the hill.

All of this is contained in a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter.  It's amazing how much detail they get into what is such a small scene, but it looks really great, and the unique frame really helps it stand out.  There is just a bit of frosting/snow dripping out of one corner of the frame, which is a great touch.

The base of the Christmas tree is wide enough that the ornament will stand up if you want to display it like a piece of art.  It's not going anywhere front to back, although it doesn't seem super stable side to side.  It should be okay to leave it as long as it's not somewhere where it will be bumped.

The hook for hanging the ornament is like the topper on the Christmas tree.  No surprise, the ornament hangs perfectly straight.

The back of the cookie cutter contains the series marking and copyright information.

My prediction is if you want this ornament, go get it now.  I'm basing that on two things.  This was the most purchased ornament during premier in mid-July.  Also, the prequel ornament just keeps rising in value on the secondary market.  I think once people see it, they'll want it, making it a sure sell out by December with prices rising on the secondary market.

And why is that?  The ornament is just so cute.  The idea of this mouse out in a candy world is wonderfully realized, the frame is something fun, and the mouse himself is nice.  In a world, this ornament is perfect.

Of course, I could be wrong about how popular this ornament will prove to be in December, but even so, you won't go wrong by buying the first Cookie Cutter Christmas.  It's so well done and so charming, you'll love hanging it on your tree every year.

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Original Price: $12.95

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