Friday, July 12, 2013

Ornament Review: Season's Treatings Christmas Cupcake Special Edition - 2012 Hallmark Limited Edition Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Festive and fun looking felt cupcake
Cons: At least on mine, the smile is off center
The Bottom Line
Well decorated
Mixing two fun series for
A limited treat

Natural Season's Cupcakes Combination

So far, every ornament in the Season's Treatings series from Hallmark has gotten a repainted version except for the second in the series.  In 2012, Hallmark used it as the basis for a Limited Edition entry in their Christmas Cupcakes series, however.  And it is a natural fit.

The second Season's Treatings ornament features six cupcakes in a pan, each one decorated with different frosting to make them look seasonally festive.  This limited edition ornament features just one of those six - the snowman.  That means the top is white - which is supposed to be white frosting.  He's got 5 dots that are his mouth.  He's got a carrot nose and two green eyes.  The biggest twist is the ear muffs.  They are red with little silver dots over here his ears would be and a silver ban that connects them.  The little bit of a hint we get of the cupcake beneath all this frosting makes it look like chocolate.  We can't see much, however, because the cupcake itself is housed in a green cupcake liner.

While this liner is plastic, the cupcake itself is felt, much like the rest of the Christmas Cupcake series.  This is a change from the smaller original, which was made out of plastic.  The biggest change this entails is the carrot nose, which has some obvious thread seams in it.  Personally, I think that adds to the charm.

Have you ever seen a cupcake that isn't flat on the bottom?  I certainly haven't, and this one doesn't break the mold.  If you wanted to set this out in a display you could.

Now here comes the part that upset come collectors of the Christmas Cupcakes series.  The rest of that series hangs from the center top so when dangling on your tree, it looks like a cupcake.  This one actually hangs from a silver loop at the back of the ornament where the frosting meets the liner.  This means that what you see when you hang it is the snowman's face instead of any of the liner.  I can certainly see their complaint since it doesn't match the rest of this series.

However, it does match the entries in the Season's Treatings series, which are all at a jaunty angle so that you can see the details of the treats.  And it certainly helps with this ornament since it means you can see the detail in the snowman's face and even the band holding his ear muffs in place.

My only real complaint with the ornament is his mouth.  At least on mine, the five dots that make it up are off center.  Instead of looking like a lopsided grin, it looks like he is missing one or two dots.  The pictures of this ornament I've seen from Hallmark (including the box) make it look like these five dots should be more centered.

While the off center smile does bother me, I like the cupcake overall.  It's a fun combinations of two series, both of which I collect.  How could I not like Season's Treatings! Christmas Cupcakes?

Be sure to check out the rest of the Christmas Cupcakes series and the Season's Treatings series.

Original Price: $9.95

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