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Ornament Review: Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent - Unforgettable Villains #3 - 2000 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Classic pose and a great villain
Cons: Tips forward quite a bit
The Bottom Line
Disney's best villain?
Certainly a favorite
Must for collectors

And Now, You Shall Deal with Me by Adding Me to Your Tree

It’s truly hard to think of a Disney villain truly scarier than Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent.  This witch is dark and evil and commands an army of scary henchmen.  And yet, she also has the biggest fan base of any of the villains.  Which is probably why Hallmark’s third ornament in their Unforgettable Villains series, based on her, has gained in value.

The ornament shows Maleficent is a pose like she had when she first appeared in the movie.  Her arms are outstretched.  She’s got her magic staff in her left hand.  And her pet raven is sitting on her shoulder.  She looks like she is about to pronounce a curse on baby Aurora any second.

So naturally, that’s the kind of thing you want on your tree.  Actually, if you are a Disney fan, this ornament is definitely worth tracking down.  It’s a classic pose for the character.  Plus the detail is fantastic; it looks just like her.

Because Maleficent’s robes are flowing around her feet, she’s got a nice big base.  This means the ornament stands on its own no problem.

Likewise, if you want to hang it on your tree, you’ll find the ring in the back of her head behind her horns.  It’s in the center of the ornament, so it doesn't tip from side to side.  However, it is so far back, he leans forward quite a bit.  She looks like she is flying, in fact.  You can disguise it on your tree, but it's still enough to be a flaw.

This was the third and sadly final ornament in the Unforgettable Villains series.  I really would have liked to see more of the villains immortalized this way.  Hook is at the top of my list, but some of the lesser known villains would have made great ornaments as well.  Anyway, the point is you’ll find a 3 in a Christmas tree on the base of the ornament denoting its place in the series.

I mentioned earlier that this ornament has gained in value.  While the first two are fairly close to their original box price of $14.95, this one has doubled in value according to some collector sites.  You can find it cheaper if you look around, but even so this one will cost you more than the other two in the series.  Maybe Hallmark should have started here.

But for the Disnerd collecting villains, Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent is a must get.  One of Disney’s best villains immortalized in a classic pose.  What could be better?

Be sure to check out all of the Unforgettable Villains series.

Original Price: $14.95

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