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Ornament Review: Sleeping Beauty - Enchanted Memories #3 - 1999 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun use of the Princess; other characters in background
Cons: Mainly appeals to Disney Princess fanatics
The Bottom Line
It's Sleeping Beauty
With others in the background
Series goes out strong

You'll Love This Ornament More Than Once Upon a Dream

After only three entries, Hallmark’s Enchanted Memories ornament series came to an end.  The Disney princesses that were the subject of this series didn’t turn out to be quite as popular as they expected, I guess.  For the final entry, they turned to Sleeping Beauty.

As with all the two others in the series, Aurora herself is on a platform in front of a painted background.  In this case, she is sitting on a moss covered rock dipping her toe in water.  As a result, the base is blue on top and there is a ripple around where her toe has gone beneath the surface.  While I called her Aurora a minute ago, she is dressed as she was while in hiding as Briar Rose.

The background is what really sets this one apart from the others.  The forest where Briar Rose first met Prince Phillip is the background, but there are characters peaking out from behind the trees.  Several of the woodland animals are back there, but Phillip and his horse are as well.  This is the only ornament in the series to have the prince in the ornament, and I really like that added touch.

Speaking of added touches, Sleeping Beauty is written on the base of the ornament in the same font always used for the movie.  And around the oval the frames the background picture are an interweaving of thorns like the ones that grew up after she fell asleep.

Again, it’s the little touches I really like about this ornament.  While still appealing mostly to the Disney collector in me, this one is certainly cooler than the other two in the series because of those details I’ve pointed out.

As always, the ornament has a nice base on which Briar Rose is sitting, so the ornament sits perfectly flat.  The series 3 in a Christmas tree is embossed on the back of the oval along with the copyright information.

To hang the ornament on your tree, just slip a hook through the loop that juts out from the top of the ornament.  The balance gets better on these ornaments every year, and this is the best yet.  It still tips back, but you really have to be watching for it to even notice.

While this still isn’t my favorite Disney series because it deals mostly with the princesses, I find the Sleeping Beauty edition of Enchanted Memories to be the best because of the added details it had.

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